Why would a man tell his wife about multiple affairs in their marriage and then say he just made the stories up?

Some people just have one sick sense of humor and congratulations ... you've got one! LOL It takes two to play this game, so perhaps without realizing it you have either talked about it and tried to get more info out of him (could you have a jealous streak) or used a remark when angry such as "if I'd known things were going to turn out this way with you, then I should have stayed with Jim." Although people don't often mean these things, the other party NEVER forgets those types of comments. This "game" can only go on if you allow it. If he keeps saying it, just smile and say, "whatever makes you happy." He's trying to get a rise out of you and he appears to be pushing all your right buttons. I would listen to the warning signs (red lights are going off here) and seek some marriage counseling. It's obvious things aren't all that great in your relationship, so, if you feel your marriage is worth saving suggest to him you want to seek out a marriage counselor and if he doesn't comply, tell him he either sees one or you're leaving. Also remind him that "two can play the same game" but NEVER cheat on him, because one low snake in the household is enough. Good luck Marcy