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Because it is all about him. When he is no longer the focus of attention then the anxiety builds. He needs to be at the center....always! After My N broke up with me he stuck around and basically "watched" me and the moment he thought I had been with another man it infuriated him and he was gone. It's a control thing I think. Ns like to think they are the best sex you have ever had. They also like to think that you are so besotted and reliant on them that you would not even entertain the thought of sleeping with someone else. So when you do, whether you have been used and dumped by the N or not, they are angry because 1) Their ego has taken a battering 2) They realise their control over you has wained 3) They percieve you as a whore and this disgusts them Regardless, the N will always be mad with you for something whether you are with them or not.

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Q: Why would a narcissist be mad that you slept with another man when he told you he used you and dumped you?
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Do narcs hate being dumped?

Doesn't everyone hate being dumped? It would depend on the person I assume. One narcissist would be completely broken after being dumped, because it would be a bullet to their ego, whilst another may think you were just a waste of their time, and it's your fault, not theirs. Everyone is different.

Can two narcissist get along together?

Almost certainly not. The basic attitude of narcissists is "me first," which does not make for good relationships in general, and would be positively nuclear with another narcissist.

What would be the reaction of a Narcissist when he sees you in a group setting after he dumped you for another woman five months ago?

A Narcissist doesn't like to see "the one that got away" even though he dumped YOU! He would be egotistical and think he's one up on you. If you are with another man this would bother him. Narcissists are ego-trippers, they feel that you will never have any man as good as he was, but in the same stroke of that sentence he could become jealous if he sees you with another man. He may flaunt his new love in your face in hopes of getting some reaction out of you. Whatever you feel (whether it be that you are still in love with him or you're simply glad to be rid of him) you are the winner! Stand proud, look him in the eye if he looks at you, put a slight smile on your face and don't waver. That's getting back at him! He'll instantly wonder what your big secret is and Narcissists can't stand that. Be glad he dumped you because these guys are a waste of skin.

Does a narcissist purposely try to hurt you and why?

no. a sadist would want to hurt you. a narcissist would want to be hurt.

Can a Narcissist ever have a meaningful long-term relationship or would it have to be with another Narcissist?

I am not sure what "meaningful" means - but many narcissists have long term relationships with their sources of supply (not necessarily with other narcissists).

Can a narcissist live with a narcissist?

Probably not, they would fight over mirror time. ;)

Why is would a narcissist ex be nice to you out of the blue while still in a relationship with another woman?

because she might like you

Ex boyfriend wants me back but Im in another relationship now what shall you do?

Well if you dumped him then remember why you dumped him. If he dumped you, then remember that he thought for what ever reason you were not good enough for him, so why should you give yourself back to him. If I were you I would tell him to F off.

Why would a narcissist show up after being gone for a year?

The narcissist wants something and thinks he or she can get it from you.

Would a narcissist murder?


Why would a narcissist let her husband make fun of her and belittle her in public and all she can say is that he is only jokeing?

She wouldn't. That is not a reaction that a narcissist would have.

Can a codependent and a narcissist be together?

Why would ANYONE want to be with a narcissist? A codependent would be about the only type of personality that could tolerate being with a narcissist, and they will pay a terrible price. Dump the narcissist and get some help with the codependency. ACOA, CODA, Al-anon and Nar-anon are as close as your telephone.

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How to win a ''narcissist ''?

OMG ! why would you want to win a narcissist! Obviously, you should research what a narcissist is first. That is what I had to do and believe me that is the last thing I would like to win. Please do some indepth research before you try and win a narcissist's heart - you will be glad you did. We only have one life to live and make it a good one.

How do you help a narcassist get help?

A narcissist would not want help because he or she would not think there was anything wrong. Therefore, you can't help a narcissist; even when a narcissist is court ordered into therapy, there is little a professional can do to help a person change this personality type.

Should you trust your ex hasn't slept with another girl when he has hickeys but tells you he didnt have sex?

NO, do not trust him at all. Why would you? He is lying why would he have hickeys all over him then?

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Would a narcissist sleep with his best friends wife?

Its not right to do so , but I know it happens being my ex's mother slept with he brother in law from her second marriage and destroyed a family temp. and 5 years later they remarried and have a very healthy relationship since she is out of their lives!

Would an overly intelligent narcissist or borderline NP ever admit to being somewhat narcissistic?

No. Their narcissism would prevent them from it. It would mean they have a problem and as far as the narcissist is concerned they have no problems but the rest of the world that has the problems.

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I would have slept better with you too is 'moi aussi j'aurai mieux dormi avec toi' in French.

What traits would disprove that someone has narcissistic personality disorder?

It's difficult to prove a negative. If a narcissist finds out some of those characteristics, all he has to do is be a good actor. Not being a narcissist is the only quality one could have to prove one is not a narcissist. There is no act a person can perform or one thing a person can do that would prove once and for all that the person is not and never has been and never will be a narcissist. Yet all the same, if you are not a narcissist, other people will recognize this fact, just as if you are, that too will come to light. Empathy. Narcissist's do not posess it nor do they understand it.

How do you make a narcissist feel special?

First you need to understand the mind of a narcissist. Psychological Narcissism is defined by overt behaviors that boost ones ego at the disparaging effects of another. If you wish to aide their psychological problem, you would compliment them and degrade yourself to their satisfaction. However, it's never wise to attempt to feed into the ego of a narcissist as you only further the progression of the illness.