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To make the partner feel worthless


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I am not sure what you mean by "create" a partner. The minute you stop providing a narcissist with Narcissistic Supply - the minute you start criticizing him and disagreeing with him - he leaves and looks for alternative and more pliable sources of supply. I think it's possible anyone would do that if the old partner was clinging too long (why? WHY would anyone cling to someone who wants to leave them?). It's not healthy or laudable, but it's understandable. A Narcissist is more likely to invent an imaginary partner to make the old partner jealous either: a) To punish b) To reawaken the relationship If I understand your question correctly....YES! Maybe not invent from scratch but they will develop this whole scenario with someone they know... They start to talk about this person like they've known them all their lives....that all their exchanges were SO DEEP...etc... get rid of them

It is what they do. Why do flies fly? That is what you would expect them to do. They are very self centered. That is why you don't get involved with people like that.

A fetish is when you need a certain thing present in activity to orgasm. A fart fetish would be when someone needs their partner, or themself, to fart in order to orgasm.

A narcissist would not want to lose a person that plays up their narcissism. Like a person that constantly complimented them about their good looks, intelligence, personality, etc and admired them. I bet they would regret losing someone like this, an infatuated kiss a**.

Yes, but not every narcissist would like to see someone tortured physically. The most narcissist just like to see other people suffer from 'not being as good as them'.

no. a sadist would want to hurt you. a narcissist would want to be hurt.

There is some qualities in your partner that you would like for them not to have and there are new qualities that you would like to see them posess.

Probably not, they would fight over mirror time. ;)

Narcissists use projection. It's a safe bet that if they are accusing you of cheating, lying, hiding, etc., they are the guilty ones.

There are a few good people you can partner with to do a business with. I would ask someone you know that has business experience.

you can but why would you want to.. that person disrespected you by messing around with your partner.

Being completely self centered, they would probably go for whichever person is better, or cheat on them both.

I'd say so. Many people who believe in this consider themselves as gods. This would be a great for someone who is a narcissist.

The narcissist wants something and thinks he or she can get it from you.

To say a narcissist is insecure would be to put it lightly. They are PROFOUNDLY insecure. You would be too if you were rejected by everyone, including your parents, for who you really are. It is hard to love and care about someone for who they really are when you dont know who they really are. After all the narcissist has a fake personality which he seems to think people will admire him for but once people see through it, the narcissist becomes very lonely.

Why would ANYONE want to be with a narcissist? A codependent would be about the only type of personality that could tolerate being with a narcissist, and they will pay a terrible price. Dump the narcissist and get some help with the codependency. ACOA, CODA, Al-anon and Nar-anon are as close as your telephone.

It's difficult to prove a negative. If a narcissist finds out some of those characteristics, all he has to do is be a good actor. Not being a narcissist is the only quality one could have to prove one is not a narcissist. There is no act a person can perform or one thing a person can do that would prove once and for all that the person is not and never has been and never will be a narcissist. Yet all the same, if you are not a narcissist, other people will recognize this fact, just as if you are, that too will come to light. Empathy. Narcissist's do not posess it nor do they understand it.

An enemy is someone who is against you or someone you strongly dislike. Some antonyms of enemy would be ally, friend, partner, and comrade.

Someone else's dream is not about you at all, but about that dreamer. If someone says something about you in THEIR dream, "you" represent that other person in their own dream. On the other hand, if you dream that someone warns you about your partner, that is quite different and you should pay attention to your own dream. In this case, the "someone" in your dream represents your own mind which is trying to get you to recognize that your partner is not as wonderful as you would like to believe.

He might be offended that it wasn't intended for him, he might become upset or displeased that you didn't think the same of him. His ego would be hurt because in his eye's why wouldn't the message be intended for him? --a recovering narcissist

A narcissist would not want help because he or she would not think there was anything wrong. Therefore, you can't help a narcissist; even when a narcissist is court ordered into therapy, there is little a professional can do to help a person change this personality type.

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