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Experienced a similar problem years ago and a dedicated mechanic finally found the problem.

After hrs. of checking, it turned out a wire connection on a gauge was loose and allowing the battery to discharge. Try checking your wiring connections for tightness behind the instrument panel.

Recently I replaced my car battery. Within 2 days it was dead again. It turned out that my trunk light was staying on all night. I tool the bulb out, jumped off my car and have had no problem since.

----Also keep this in mind. It happened to me fifty years ago when I was parking with a girl friend. The car was running and it just died. I called my dad and found the problem in two minutes. The battery terminals had become corroded and it killed the connection between the cable and the post. Clean the connection with baking soda and water and a wire pad. In those days we had metal bumpers. We had no jumper cables. After cleaning the posts my dad moved his car so it just touched my bumper. That was the ground. He then used a used piece of copper tubing which held between the two positive posts. That allowed me to start my car.
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Q: Why would a new car battery die in a half hour when there was no indication of a problem?
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