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Police cannot write in log "Looked like a man who needed to be arrested." Police reports have specific fields for appearance, such as height, weight, hair and eye color, skin color, tattoos, facial hair, jewelry, scars, and any other identifying marks. If a suspect is known to wear a red Baseball hat, that may be included in the report as well. Being "courteous" would not be in a police report, but being "non-compliant" might be. * The notation was probably worded differently, however, an officer can include the demeanor of a subject as well as a physical discription. Therefore a person can be wearing designer clothes and expensive accessories and still be considered unruly, uncooperative, disturbed, a potential threat to themselves or others and so forth.

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Q: Why would a police officer note in his report that a man looked as if he should be arrested if the man were clean shaven wore clean clothes was courteous and had not been drinking or using drugs?
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