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Check the connection on your valve cover gasket.....

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If a four stroke cycle starts with the copression stroke the the thirs stroke would be the?

The 4-stroke cycle does not start with the compression stroke. it goes -1. Intake2. compression3. power4. exhaust

What is the correct order of operation?

order of operation for what? (be more specific next time!) if you are talking about the combustion cycle on a 4 stroke engine then it would be; intake stroke, compression stroke, power stoke, exhaust stroke.

If the crankshaft of a four stroke engine is rotating at 900 rpm how many power strokes occur each second?

Your 4 strokes are Intake, Compression, Power, and Exhaust. On the first revolution is Intake on the down stroke, then compression on the up stroke, the next revolution is power on the down stroke and exhaust on the up stroke, so 2 revolutions complete a full cycle. That would mean 450 power strokes occur per minute, divide that by 60 to get 7.5 power strokes per second

What is strokes in badminton?

It's Basically , about what kind of shots you do, such as a long stroke would be to hit the shuttle cock as far as you can , and a short stroke would be a small shot with less power such as a drop shot ......

How much hp is a 4 stroke motor?

it would be around 50-60 horse power

How do you remove the engine from a ford power stroke?

The dealer would lift the cab off the frame believe it or not :(

How do you stroke a girl?

You would stroke a girl on her hair

Is the piston on a 4 stroke bigger than stroke 2?

Neither a four stroke nor a two stroke have a bigger piston. It all depends on the size of the engine and how it is built. A 250 four stroke will have the same sized piston that a 250 two stroke would if the bore size is the same. Cc is calculated by bore x stroke (how far up and down the piston moves) so if a 250 four stroke has a stroke of 3.00 inches and a 250 2 stroke has a stroke of 3.00 the piston will be the same size. The only difference between a 2 stroke and four stroke is how the engine works. A 2 stroke has reed valves and it makes power every time the piston goes up but a four stroke it makes power every 4 times the piston goes up.

If Henry VIII closed the monasteries why would he get more power than the pope?

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What is a good race bike for a fourteen year old?

A 125 two stroke or 250 four stroke would be good power wise. Just make sure the bike fits for their physical size.

How many power strokes are there in a 8 cylinder 2 stroke engine with formula please?

A formula to find power stroke for an 8 cylinder 4stroke engine would be RPM/2=power strokes per minute. A 2 strokenengine has twice as many power strokes as a 4 so RPM=power strokes. Since rpm is not given in the question, I can't tell you how many power strokes there are.

Why three stroke engine not possible?

a stroke is a half rotation of a crankshaft. a three stroke would finish would only be 1 1/2 revolutions.

Which is better a scooter with a 2 or a 4 stroke engine?

2-strokes are cheaper, and give you more power over a 4-stroke. However, they require more maintenence, you have to mix the oil with the gas everytime you fill up, and they don't last as long as a 4-stroke. Personally, I would take the 4-stroke for convenience and longevity.

What is the difference between four stroke engine and six stroke engine?

The basic difference is there are two 'power' strokes in the six stroke cycle. The extra power stroke is obtained by utilising what would be waste thermal energy to heat air (or steam) and injecting this into the cylinder at the appropriate time to provide the extra power stroke. There are claims of up to a 40% reduction in fuel consumptions and reduced emission. However, there are addition complications with the extra parts, timing etc., required and subsequent increase in weight. There are no commercially viable ones on the market generally at present though with future improvements this may change.

What is bore and stroke of Chevy 468?

The bore would be 4.310" and the stroke is 4.00"

What makes a two stroke engine produce twice as much power as a four stroke?

A 2-stroke engine makes power every2 cycles were a 4-stroke makes power every 4.Hence 2x power. This is absolutely INCORRECT! A two stroke engine develops it's PEAK horse power twice as fast as a four stroke for the reason given but that is it. For a given displacement a four stroke engine will ALWAYS make more torque and horsepower than a two stroke engine of equal displacement. This is due to the fact that a four stroke engine cleans the cylinder of contaminated (exhaust) air, compresses the air/fuel to a more efficient level, and draws a cleaner air/fuel mixture into the cylinder as there is no slow burning, air/fuel mixture contaminating oil mixed in the combustion charge. I have over forty years experience working on engines, and can tell you, the ONLY reason two stroke engines have lasted this long, is due to the fact that they weigh less than an equivalent horsepower four stroke engine. If they DID develop more horsepower, the four stroke would not have become the standard internal combustion engine used in transportation, generators, air compressors and the like.

How many miles can you expect o get out of a 2004 f250 power stroke diesel it already has 200000 miles on it?

Diesel engines are EXTREMELY durable. With proper maintenance, I would fully expect to get 400,000 miles from a power stroke ford. Possibly more depending on how it is driven. Hope this helps. Mike

How does crank angle effect volume of cylinder?

The crank angle would change the stroke. The stroke would change the volume.

Is the 1993 Honda xr100r a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke engine?

A 1993 Honda xr100r would have a four stroke engine.

How many degrees crankshaft rotation compose half stroke of four stroke engine?

90 degrees would be a half stroke.

What is the most popular swimming stroke?

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If schools are closed are after school actives closed?

Not necessarily, but it is very likely after school activities would be closed when school is closed. School officials would make that decision.

What would win A Honda CRM 250 2-stroke or a Honda XL 200 4-stroke?

crm 250 would leave the XL 200 stood for dead

Which stroke is occurring when the engine draws in fuel and air?

The intake stroke, number one in a 4 cycle engine.

What engine replaces a Tecumseh 2 hp two stroke?

Forget the horsepower rating, they are just arbitrary. Determine what the cubic inch (or cubic centimeter) displacement of your engine is. Generally speaking a 4 stroke engine would have to have twice the displacement of a 2 stroke in order to produce the same power. Example: 6.1 cubic inch (100 cc) 2 stroke is equal to a 12.2 cubic inch (200 cc) four stroke.

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