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Why would a speedometer only start to register after getting up to 45mph?


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2004-07-14 11:53:05
2004-07-14 11:53:05

Hey Stormmin===It depends on what kind of car and what year. If it is an electric speedo, it can be the speed sensor or in the head. If it is a manual it is in the head. GoodluckJoe


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pickup speedometer does not register from a cold start. Shifting lurches and then all evens out after about 30 mph

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its a 1994 cavalier the speedometer runs on its own and will not start it starts when the speedometer is not running it has the vs sensor

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No, but you could start one or register on his website. No, but you could start one or register on his website.

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Actually , it doesn't have a conventional speedometer cable , it has an electronic speedometer and a vehicle speed sensor ( VSS ) according to my Haynes repair manual

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Start with the vehicle speed sensor the feeds the speedometer and odometer.Also look at the Brake/Speedometer problem associated with the Windstar recall for a leaking brake pressure switch

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