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To protect themselves from much larger predators

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How do Easter lilies defend themselves?

by its spraying nozzle

Is the dwarf lake iris threatened?

The dwarf iris is threatened because of loss of habitat, and chemical spraying, the salting of roads, and off road vehicles.

How do elephants keep cool?

by flapping their ears or spraying themselves with water.

What do skunks defend themselves with?

Skunks defend themselves by spraying a foul and offensive odor that discourages most predators .

What kind of sprayers does FIMCO offer?

The main differences come in the nature of the spraying mechanism. The most common involves the usual tube and hose mechanism that most people are familiar with.

How do skunks protected themselves?

Skunks protect there selves by spraying there scent/oder.

How do elephants cool themselves?

Elephants keep cool by sucking water into their trunks and spraying it on themselves. They also will roll around in the mud.

How do animals protect themselves against the sun?

Animals suffer harsh effects from the sun, just as we do. Animals protect themselves against the sun by doing things such as coating themselves in mud and spraying themselves with sand.

Why would a spray defense be a useful mechanism for species in the weasel family that protect themselves by spraying a foul smelling musk oil when threatened?

As a ferret owner of 10 years i can testify that the scent's during increased adrenalin rushes have definite social meanings eg: excitement,fear,curiousity,anger,affection,panic,pain. But basicaly when you smell something you get an idea of what it tastes like well would want to eat something that smells putrid. Believe me it is absolutely foul and it lingers.

What on Earth are they spraying?

They are spraying things

How can you keep a skunk from spraying?

There is no sure way to keep a skunk from spraying, but skunks only spray when they feel threatened. Back away, slowly and steadily, with your head turned to one side and looking down to not make eye contact with the skunk (and also to protect your eyes if this doesn't work - skunk spray can blind you).

Why won't my door open light turn off on my car?

Try spraying the latch mechanism liberally with WD-40, operate the door a few times than spray with a silicone spray

Are squid dangerous?

No.Squids just protect themselves from predators by spraying an ink cloud so that the predator cant see which way the squid went.

How do you stop your dog from spraying?

To prevent your dog from spraying, make sure he or she goes out at an appropriate hour. You can also place them in the backyard to prevent them from spraying on your furniture or valuables.

African Elephants don't have sweat glands so how do they usually cool off and lower their body heat?

By flapping their ears. PCHQuiz4Cash answer. Or spraying dust or water on themselves.

How young do skunks start spraying?

Skunks start spraying when they are 8 days old

Does a cat stop spraying once she is mated?

does a female cat stop spraying when pregnant

What steps are include in spraying a plum tree?

spraying a plum tree with what? against what pest/disease?

Is spraying paint on better than using a paint brush?

Yes. Spraying paint is faster.

Spraying a perfume is a chemical change?

YES, perfume spraying is a chemical change as the atom are changed

Cat that is spraying on your bed?

Spraying is a natural and instictive behaviour for cats, so disciplining it for this is self defeating. HAving the cat fixed usually solves all spraying problems.

How ants and termites protect themselves from enemies?

By biting, stinging, spraying formic acid, and some ant have poison sac on both sides of their abdomen which serves as suicide bomb.

Parking Brake foot pedal doesn't click or stay down on your 1998 S-10?

Usually caused by lack of use--try spraying mechanism liberally with WD-40 or similar product to free-up

Can spraying crops with pesticides reduce groundwater quality?

It depends on how much pesticide you are spraying of course. If you are spraying an over exceeded amount then, yes it can reduce the groundwater quality.Hope this helped!*~*

Can you effect a plants growth by spraying with chemicals?

Yes, by spraying growth regulators plants growth can be affected

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