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Probably because it originated in one of those languages but had the soundtrack dubbed to make it saleable in other parts of the World


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French TV broadcast in French. Spanish, English, German-speaking channels are available on satellite.

You can't unless the station is broadcasting English on the SAP audio channel. Most don't.

Their website shows it is broadcast on Spike TV. I don't know if it is broadcast in Spanish but you can change a setting in your receiver for the alternate language and if it is broadcast in Spanish, the audio will be in Spanish. Not all receivers have this feature (625 and VIP receivers allow this feature).

babelfish and Google Translation can translate; but not simultaneously.

Caracol TV is broadcasted in the language of Spanish. This TV network has been around for a quite a long while and serves to provide television to people of Hispanic origin.

The English spelling is telephone, and the Spanish is teléfono.(The derived term for a round-the-clock charity broadcast is telethon.)

Yes. Spain voltage is 220v, English is 240v (which is close enough!) Spain television uses PAL, as does English.

If you want to watch Bundesliga Live Matches every weekend on TV, ask you local operator if they have GolTV. GolTV is broadcast in both Spanish and English, so you can hear your commentators in the language of your preference. For more information go to

The phrase "Canais de TV" is not in French or Spanish. It is actually Portuguese. In English it means "TV channels." Although some people think it is the same, the Spanish and Portuguese languages are not the same.

is there an on line english to spanish and spanish to english dictionary

Televisiones. Televisions (speaking of TV signals - though in areas where English is common, the word is commonly misused to refer to TV Sets) Televisores - Televisions (Speaking of TV sets)

The Latin Grammys debuted on September 13, 2000. The ceremonies were held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. CBS broadcast in English, even though many of the speeches were given in Spanish. The event signaled the first time that television advertisements were in Spanish, with English subtitles. There is no information as to the worldwide audience. But it has been estimated that just under 10% of the regular television viewing audience in the United States of America watched the pioneer award ceremony.

when you translate Spanish to English or English to Spanish has a Spanish to English and English to Spanish translator. is really great. It translates both Spanish to English and English to Spanish

Apart from English/Spanish or Spanish/English textbooks, do textbooks have such glossaries?

If you have Sky TV Channel 526 has it in English. Many of the stations have it in Spanish.

In high school I took Spanish for approximately for four years and learn many Spanish words in class. The phrase your friend's grandmother keeps saying "canais de TV" means TV channels.

About 40% of the words in English have a Spanish cognate. This means that the English word has a similar Spanish word, such as "accident" (English) and "accidente" (Spanish).

Univision is the largest Spanish language TV network in the United States. The word "horoscopos" is Spanish for "horoscopes." "Horoscopos Univision" is referring to the horoscopes provided by the Univision TV network.

TV in Spanish is 'television' pronounced 'tel-e-vis-ee-on'

Steven M. Kaplan has written: 'Essential English/Spanish and Spanish/English legal dictionary' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, Law, Spanish, English language, English, Spanish language 'Wiley's English-Spanish, Spanish-English business dictionary =' 'Wiley electrical and electronics engineering dictionary' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, Electric engineering, Electronics 'Kluwer Law International English/Spanish Dictionary' 'Wiley's English-Spanish Spanish-English dictionary of psychology and psychiatry =' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, English, Spanish, Psychology, Psychiatry, Spanish language, English language

a translation of a spanish word to English

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