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It's not a "false flushing." The system is designed to refill when the water in the tank drops below a certain point. This "flushiing" noise that you hear is probably the water running into the tank to refill it. There is probably a leak into the toilet, very small that it's almost unnoticeable, but still there. Check it out.

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Why would you want to know that?HUH?!

The only place that sound would come from would be a valve being closed. The only valve is the one in the tank. Replace the valve and this should eliminate that noise. To check this out try closing the water shut off part way and see if noise changes or goes away.

because the flushing washer is broken and needs to be replaced, or the inlet washer is broken and the water is over flowing into the pan

The basic parts that make up the flushing system of the toilet would be the ideal parts for a toilet repair kit. The larger parts like the bowl are not things you are likely to consider repairing. So the idea bits would would a handle, washers, plunger.

Rock salt helps to kill tree roots that may be growing in your sewer line.You should try flushing 2 cups a week down your toilet.

I am male. I use new women's panties to wank on the toilet, I will wipe my bottom with them as well. When I am done I flush them down the toilet. Some times up to thirty pairs a week.

the reason why the toilet makes noise when you turn water on is because all the water lines are conected so when you turn on water the toilet gets affected and the water that goes down a drain goes to the water pipe.

you most definitely have a clog in your line.your toilet and bathtub are both draining in the same spot so if your flushing the toilet and there is a clog the water is most likely going to fill in the tub

Often a toilet will gurgle after flushing for one or more of the following.1-the drain line has a partial blockage2-the vent line has a partial blockage.3-the toilet itself has a partial blockage.4-Incorrect installation of sewer/vent toilet lines.There are a couple of other rare circumstances that may cause this, but the majority is related to the above. If the toilet is able to flush and no signs of slow draining or back up, then it is most likely the vent line that is obstructed.Sounds like verbatim what I had posted over a year ago

Yes, that may well hang on in a narrow part. Once paper builds around it the clog will solidify. I would remove the toilet from the floor and snake it from the floor end.

spend all your money and keep hoping... you would be better off saving the money.. buying lottery tickets is like flushing the money down the toilet.

If activities like watering the lawn or flushing the toilet were done with grey water instead of fresh water, more fresh water would be conserved.

I would intentionally overflow a public toilet by taking the lid off the back, then taking out the thing that covers the hole in the bottom. Then clog the toilet and just wait. The toilet will just flush and flush and flush and flush until it overflows. And then it will keep flushing. You could flood the entire bathroom with no one even knowing!

Excessive velocity (FPS) on every toilet there is a globe pattern valve to THROTTLE to slow the volume and get rid of the noise

If your plunger is left in the bowl. :) Since I've been snaking out toilets for many years I come to the conclusion that when a toilet doesn't flush right, the reason is like lightening and it never strikes the same reason twice. So your problem of your toilet not flushing smooth can be a million different problems but 90% of those problems are in the toilet bowl trap. If you plunge and snake the toilet and it still wont flush right then pull the toilet and look at the drain and if its clear then your problem is still the toilet which since china makes stuff so cheap , its almost cheaper to buy a new toilet then to buy the repair kit for your old one, in fact to have me repair your toilet and to have me install a new toilet with buying the toilet would be about the same price so almost everyone gets a new toilet and we live happily ever after.

If I cannot safely get it far away from me outside, I would for surely dispose of it by smashing it and flushing it down the toilet. If it is in your house dont let it escape. If there is one there is likely more. Fumigating for bugs I would recommend.

Well if you can take a shower and use the toilet at the same time, you either installed the toilet in the shower or you are extremely flexible. This question is a can of worms because if the toilet and the shower are in the same bathroom and while the shower is running and someone flushes the toilet and the toilet overflows but the shower drain does not back up then its something in the line of the toilet before it ties into the shower , another way would be is with out proper venting of the toilet like lets say the shower drain when running is clogging the vent for the toilet then it possible for the toilet to overflow and have the shower drain fine. I personally never seen a toilet overflow when flushing it when a shower is running on the same floor and yet when the shower is off the toilet flushes normal.

Answer The waste line from the downstairs toilet is not vented (or not vented properly, or the vent is plugged up). Flushing the upstairs toilet creates a vacuum in the main line which sucks the water out of the one downstairs. Answer your waste lines for both toilets may be on the same branch off the sewer main. Either you have a stoppage in the branch line or you have a stoppage in the main line. (If it's the main line your downstairs toilet would have to be the lowest fixture, ie If you have a floor drain downstairs and it's a stoppage in your main line it would backup through the floor drain. If there is no floor drain the toilet downstairs is probably your lowest fixture.) Your best bet is to snake out the system through the toilet downstairs.

The toilet is the lowest point, fluids seeks the lowest level, other sewage is coming up through your basement toilet. The system might be installed wrong or there is a blockage in some discharge pipes. Call a plumber, it can be really bad, when I was a kid we had our whole basement flooded with two feet of raw sewage after a big rain storm.

I have heard that sometimes certain toilets under certain conditions can cause siphoning of water from the bowl of other toilets. Of course, that would require you to have two toilets on premises. If so, check the Cadet water level before and after flushing the non-Cadet toilet. Good Luck

It would be difficult because the flush button is behind the lid and close to the rim. And if you are on a submarine, you really won't be doing it. It is very complex system of valves and if you mess up, it can be really ugly.

it would be impossible unless you had a toilet bigger than you!

Toilet bubbling and draining the bowl = Mainline stoppage. Could be just the one bathroom that toilet is in, or the whole house. If all the toilets bubble, especially when you use a sink or tub in the same bathroom, it's the whole house. If just the one bubbles, it's just that bathroom, but you may have to pull the toilet to clear the line.

A toilet is a plumbing fixture that is generally located in a bathroom. It is also known as a water closet and a loo. A toilet is used when one has to either urinate or pass waste, cleanly and hygienically. A toilet comes in various shapes and sizes and has many ways in which to flush it. Due to the high volume of vandalisim to this question. It has been locked and protected. If you would like to add some information of value please contact the plumbing supervisor. A toilet is a large basin used for urinating and defecating. In industrialized nations, a toilet is connected to a sewage system and is equipped with a handle for flushing the waste.A toilet is a sanitation device that is used to dispose of waste from the human body.