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It is because he is nervous to how you are going to react around the new girlfriend...


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Because sometimes they are nervous or they are embarresed it really depends on what kind of person you are talking about.

Yes i think that they can because if you smell really nice you will be happy you wouldn't be embarresed or anything about not letting your pits out Where as if you stink you would be all down and embarresed because someone could smell it and blame you and you would then get upset :) x

no,the Adams in your body repel against the Adams in the item your are "touching" and that's what you feel

Really? is this a trick question? What do you mean by "touching"?

Well... It depends. If the guy has changed, then mabey it is possible, unless he has a REALLY bad reputation. But if he hasen't, then probbably not. Unless a girl likes a bad boy.

Depends on who "they" are!

Yes they are fu#% face, just like how my dick is touching you!

it happens to everyone rlly. if you feel embarrassed around him its perfectly normal but you should be able to feel comfortable around him. just explain it to him.

Maybe you really loved her. If you really think about her alot you need to try to get back with her.

shes really awesome!!!!!! also my girlfriend!! shes really awesome!!!!!! also my girlfriend!!

Answer 1Only with her permission________________________Answer 2Only if you ask. And if you are afraid to just come out and ask, consider how long you have been going out, and how old you are. Just go really really slow and if she gets tense stop right away. But the best thing to do is just ask her.________________________Answer 3If your girlfriend is okay with you touching her there, yes. Always respect her feelings before yours.However, if she does not like you touching her breasts, you should stop, otherwise this is called sexual assault, even if she is your girlfriend.

well, be a really good and obedient person and talk to people and tell them about your girlfriend and say things like that your girlfriend is really nice and sweet.

That's really up to the person he is touching.

Get something that he really really likes.

To be honest I have no clue! But he is really really good looking and very very good looking! But I wish I could be his girlfriend! He is really really HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can't really earn a girlfriend. Just treat her with respect.

Is Adam Hicks' girlfriend really Lili Simmons??

No. His girlfriend is Cymphonique Marie Miller

if he really does love you then he won't stay with his girlfriend

AnswerThe word for girlfriend in Japan is "Kanojo", this though is not a suffix, but you could use the suffix -chan to address to your girlfriend if you really adore her. It's really cute too.

no it is connected to usa and touching Connecticut

he will do that in till he what to stop it

you try to get rid of his girlfriend or become friends then tell him about something bad about his girlfriend tell girlfriend how nasty he is

i really dnt known if he hve girlfriend or not but i do think he is married

DUMP HIM and then tell his girlfriend what he was doing

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