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Why would an ex want to come back and be more of a sex buddy and not a girlfriend?


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Hey dont let that get ya down That just goes to show you women need it as much as we do if not more ha ha ha ha ROCK ON

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If you still love her, go back to her.

make him jealous so he can come back to you.

i love you i miss you come back to me i was wrong to do what i did (if you did anything) .etc.

show her that you love her and you want her back and if she doesnt want you back keep showing her attention for like a whole week and then stop checkin for her and then she would come back to you

Just do nice stuff for her and she will come back to you.

Ignore what she says. She just wants you to wait for her. She wants to be able to come back to you, if she breaks up with her boyfriend. IF she was coming back, she would just come back and not talk about coming back.

there is no speific way to get a girlfriend but just be yourself and the right woman will soon come along!

Simple hes still interested in his ex girlfriend and maybe wants to get back with her. Or he wants the best of both worlds and wants to have both girls. come back down to reality man not goin to happen

You don't.. you wait for him to regret how foolish he was, and come back to you. If not, then it wasn't meant to be.

NO NO NO NO that is disgusting, rude and how dare you put that on wikihow! delete the question, go away and do not come back! i can't believe you would ask such a stupid question!

Well if your talking about if he will come back to you it depends. If you two had a great relationship and you broke it off there is more of a chance.But don't hope he will because most likely his girlfriend and him will get back together, they wont want that 1 year to be a waste.

text her...."im doing happy without you"

make him jealous by getting a fake boyfriend and he may come back to you. now if he and his girlfriend are happy and it was meant to be then he will stay with her.

When it come to buddy relatives he feel more support

If your girlfriend says she isn't interested in a relationship with you, give her space and tell her you respect how she feels. If you are meant to be together, she'll come back.

I say bout 50/50, almost halfway. just whistle an give girlfriend bone.

She will show it... If she still cares about you, she will come back for you, or its constant flirting and eventually it will happen, she will ask you out if she truly does...Im a girl and i would know.

wat do you mean come out to your girlfriend? can you explan it better to me please?

if she loves you she will If she does it will probably be after she has three kids and gaines 80 pounds...that's when mine came back

Absolutely nothing- especially if she tries to make a come-back and wish them the best !

Being a Leo has no impact on whether or not he will come back to you after a breakup. In order to come back, he would have to believe his life would be better WITH you than WITHOUT you.

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