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Why would an outdoor light fixture suddenly give off dim light even when the light bulb has been changed?


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2018-04-16 10:41:10
2018-04-16 10:41:10

It could be that you have a bad connection behind the fixture. If the wire nut is loose you will have voltage, but not as much current making the light dim. If the connection is bad, then it gets hot, the hotter it gets, the worse the connection can get. You get the picture. Also, the porcelain or bakelite plastic socket the bulb goes into has rivets at the base of it up inside the fixture. Sometimes these can become loose causing the same situation as above.


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The impedence of the ballast is system voltage dependent to allow required current to pass through the light fixture. If system voltage changes, the current passing through the light fixture changes, therefore to get designed output from the fixture, the ballast has to be changed.

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Look on the label of the fixture ,it will tell you the maximum wattage the fixture will safely handle.

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Yes. The difference between fixtures rated for indoor and outdoor use is their level of protection from outside elements, i.e. moisture. Using an indoor rated fixture outdoors would result in an early failure due to water intrusion into the fixture. Using an outdoor fixture indoors should work fine. Also, because of the more robust nature of fixtures rated for outdoor service, they are usually more expensive.

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That depends on what type of battery is needed, who manufactured the light fixture, and what region of the world you are in. Contact the manufacturer.

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A fixture is what the light bulb goes into.

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