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Why would an outlet suddenly only be giving 40V?


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2004-12-18 13:36:35
2004-12-18 13:36:35

More information is required, is it just one outlet / building? If it is then the most likely explanation would be an incorrectly functioning meter /meter set to the wrong scale or function. If all outlets are only giving 40 volts contact your electricity company.


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The other outlet may be controlled by a wall switch ...

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It is an outlet that has one hot wire, such as a household receptacle, or two hot wires, such as a dryer outlet (in the US). If the outlet has three hot wires, it would be called a 3-phase or polyphase outlet. These would normally be found only in an industrial setting.

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the best answer is that join the two sockets and insert the plug in it.

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That the outlet only has power when the ignition is turned on.That the outlet only has power when the ignition is turned on.

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This can not be done with the wire that you have. If you would like a detailed answer as to why not, start a discussion.

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