Why would anti-federalists be opposed to the us patriot act?

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the anti-federalist were scared that all there individual freedoms would be gone.
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What is the Patriot Act?

The patriot act gives the government the ability to punish and deter terrorist acts in the United States and around the world, to enhance law enforcement investigatory tools and for other purposes. Basically the government has the authority to to come in your house take what they want with a warrant ( Full Answer )

Why was the us Patriot Act passed?

After the September 11, 2001 attacks, the US was concerned that legal obstacles to obtaining vital intelligence would allow similar attacks. Congress passed the Patriot Act to remove the previous restrictions on obtaining and sharing important information on possible terrorist activities. In many ca ( Full Answer )

How does the enabling act compare to the patriot act?

Patriot Act vs, German Enabling Act : The Decrees of 1933 (a) The February 28 Decree. One of the most repressive acts of the new Nazi government, this one allowed for the suspension of civil liberties ....The president was persuaded that the state was in danger and, hence, that the emergency measure ( Full Answer )

Why did the US colonists oppose the Tea Act?

Prior to the French and Indian War, British colonists in Americawere not taxed. Taxes were introduced, including the tax on tea,because Great Britain saw the war as being for the colonies'benefit as well as the mother country, and they should pay theirportion of it. Many colonists objected because t ( Full Answer )

Who opposed the Indian removal act?

One very notable and outspoken opponent of the Indian Removal Act was Davy Crockett. There was also Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, James Madison, OR (emphisis on OR I'm not sure who, but it was one of those three OR this last one) John Marshall. I really hope I helped at least some of you 'cuz i ( Full Answer )

Why did anti federalists oppose the constitution?

Anti federalists opposed the constitution because they believed that the state governments should have more power than the national government. They also wanted a bill of rights to be included in the constitution. It is because of the anti federalists that the bill of rights was added to the constit ( Full Answer )

What is th US patriot act?

The US Patriot Act was formed right after the attack on September 11, 2001. U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. stands for Uniting and Strengthening America by providing appropriate tools required to intercept and obstruct terrorism.

Why did Anti Federalists oppose ratification?

The Anti-Federalists were in favor of keeping the Articles of Confederation, perhaps with revisions, believing in the ultimate power of states over a central government such as what is upheld in a confederation. They feared that the Federalists' new government would be too similar to the harsh regim ( Full Answer )

Why were the anti-federalists opposed to the new constitution?

The anti federalists who included patriots such as Patrick Henry certainly were not opposed to America' becoming a prosperous nation nor were they opposed to union. However they did not want to see the individual states lose any of their powers. Patrick Henry queried, " Who authorized them to speak ( Full Answer )

Why did the Anti-Federalists oppose ratification of the constitution?

They felt it gave too much power to the federal government and not enough to the states and the people. They feared too strong of a central government like that of England which they had recently escaped from. It did not have a Bill of Rights. . were against increasing the power of the national gov ( Full Answer )

Why did the colonists oppose the Townshend act?

They opposed it because it was an indirect tax on them. The English would tax the makers of the goods in England, who would then raise the prices of the goods before selling it to the American colonists.

What was the purpose of the US Patriot Act?

The Patriot Act was enacted officially to allow law enforcement more latitude when investigating terrorist organisations. However, it has been applied much more as a tool to unconstitutionally subject American citizens to searches, seizures, and investigations without probable cause. According to ( Full Answer )

Did the anti federalist oppose slavery?

No, Antifederalists were those who favored a less centralized national government. SECOND ANSWER: I am not sure of the "position of the Anti-Federalists" on slavery (as if they all held the same view on it; highly unlikely), but whoever posted the first answer is a f*cking idiot. Since when does ( Full Answer )

Why the anti federalists opposed the constitution?

it did not give the president enough power Wrong. It gave the Congress and President TOO much power -Anti-Federalists wanted a SMALL government, with limited powers.They were afraid that a big government would trample the rights ofthe individual person, like for example making them take theircloth ( Full Answer )

Why did people criticize the US Patriot Act?

Of the many atrocities this horrendous piece of wholly unpatriotic legislation this Act commits it is the gleeful and unrestrained expansion of "discretionary powers" granted law enforcement agencies and the inclusion of "domestic terrorism" that has earned this unconstitutional law the criticism it ( Full Answer )

What did the us patriot act do?

Gave U.S. agencies greater powers It gave the government the right to search your home, email, telephone records, medical records, and mail to name a few, all without a warrant if they believe terrorism is involved or a terrorist act is going to be committed. It is set to expire in May of 2011.

Why would you use a database as opposed to a word document?

A Word document is specifically text, in an application purposed to the writing, editing and formating of text. A database can be used to categorize both numbers and text in ways that can then be operated upon to correalte relations and associations. Searching for similar values, from numbers, to a ( Full Answer )

How does the USA PATRIOT Act protect the US?

It doesn't. Instead of protecting us, it simply is an unconstitutional law that allow the government to bypass the courts and it simply opens the doors for abuse of power.

What did the Patriot Act do?

Granted more powers to some U.S. agencies. Established theDepartment of Homeland Security. Removed rights of ordinary citizens to open even a small bankaccount without ID and extraordinary hoops to jump through.Tightened all banking regulations nationwide. Removed or restricted activities US Citize ( Full Answer )

How would you use the word patriot in a sentence?

His support of his country's struggle for national identity marked him as a true patriot . Any individual who wears a military uniform is, at least in part, a patriot . Only a true patriot would stand up to the oppression of his countrymen. She hated war, but she was a patriot , and she ( Full Answer )

Anti-federalists opposed ratification because?

Patrick Henry opposed the Constitution. He feared that the central government woulds gain too much power. He felt that the Constitution went too far. He also opposed the Constitution because it did not have a bill of rights.

Why did loyalist oppose the patriots demands?

Loyalist forces were adamant about maintaining ties to King George III while the Patriots were determined to oppose the King. Many Patriots ended up as enemies to the crown for their beliefs and actions.

How does the US patriot act helps the congress?

It was meant to, basically, racially profile individuals. If the government thought someone was committing terrorist acts, it made it easier to investigate accusations legally. In reality, it basically took away our 4th Amendment right.

Did anti federalists oppose the ratification of the constitution?

It's not a simple yes or no answer. Anti-federalists in many states felt that the Constitution needed a bill of rights to protect people's civil liberties, such as freedom of speech and religion. A bill of rights was a common feature of state constitutions. They opposed ratification without one. Fed ( Full Answer )

What is wrong with the US Patriot Act?

Foremost, the erosion of first and forth amendment rights, is a great concern created by the Patriot Act. Among privacy advocates, the complaint is caused by increased surveillance powers. And for most Americans it's alarming to realize that they can be listed as a threat without; being suspected of ( Full Answer )

Why did anti-federalists oppose of the constitution?

Anti-federalists opposed of the Constitution because they felt that it made the national government too strong and left the states too weak. They also thought that the Constitution gave the president too much power.

How did they oppose the stamp act?

The stamp act was a revenue raising act and to collect the tax they sold embossed stamps of different values in sheets of paper and sold the paper to the colonists for use as legal documents, newspapers, and pamphlets. No document written on unstamped paper had legal standing, so the colonists were ( Full Answer )

Does US President Barack Obama oppose repealing the federal Defense of Marriage Act?

Not completely. President Obama has stated that he believes Section 2 of the Defense of Marriage Act ("DOMA") is unconstitutional. He has not commented publicly on Section 3 which permits states to prohibit recognition of out-of-state same-sex marriages. On May 9, 2012, he announced that he supports ( Full Answer )

Why did the colonists oppose the intolerable act?

The Intolerable Acts made the American colonists so angry because of the Stamp Act, the Tea Act, and taxes. The British would make their own materials with stamps that on it that approves that it is from the British(they could only buy items from the British). Then the Tea Act in1773. The law allowe ( Full Answer )

Who opposes the stamp act?

The patriots who lived in the colonies :) They did it because they didnt wanted to be taxed on paper

What was a criticism of the US Patriot Act when it was first enacted?

The US Patriot Act led to what many consider to be an invasion of privacy. In order for the government to protect the country from terrorists within the country's borders, all fell under scrutiny. This led to many parts of everyday life - internet, phone usage, etc - as possible ways that the people ( Full Answer )