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Whoa, you have got a problem! This is an indication that the head gasket is leaking on this cylinder. This vehicle needs to go into the shop immediately!

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Can your car smoke if you put to much antifreeze in it?

If you overfill the reservoir and radiator with antifreeze, it will generally expand as it gets hot and spill out of the reservoir. When it does that, it will usually spill onto the hot engine and create "smoke".

How do you clean up a antifreeze spill in a building?

The most effective way to clean up an antifreeze spill is to use kitty litter. You pour the kitty litter over the entire spill and let it set for several minutes. After it has set, use your shoe or a gloved hand to grind the kitty litter into the spill in circular motions.

Which hazard may need to be mitigated at an MVC?

Cat litter as it absorbs

Why does all the antifreeze spill out when you turn on the AC?

You have a leak in the system . Get it checked and repaired before it damages the engine.

What if your antifreeze drips and it looks like rust?

then you should have your radiator flushed because you have rust in it. FYI: antifreeze can strip the paint off of your it you spill it. Also, you may need to replace your radiator if the antifreeze is leaking, it may be through a rusted/corroded portion of the radiator.

Can a spill of antifreeze inside a car harm you?

Yes, if it is glycol base the vapors can cause headaches and nausea,and if strong enough can cause brain damage

Is an antifreeze leak dangerous?

No. It can result in damage to the engine if you loose all of your coolant. I have damaged an Alternator by coolant spraying on it. There is some risk if you try to work on the radiator or remove the cap when the engine is HOT. The fluid can spray on you can cause burns. Antifreeze is not harmful to you if you spill it on you. ( cats and dogs are attracted to antifreeze and could possibly kill them if they drink it )

What if you spill antifreeze on other parts while trying to fill radiator?

It wont do any ham, if you are a clean ind tidy freak just wash is of wit a bit of water.

Do i need to drain antifreeze when changing upper red hose?

yes, but only partially. otherwise coolant will spill all over the ground. its toxic to pets and bad for the environment.

Why the catera spill oil through the antifreeze canister?

Blown head gasket. More common on a catera is a cracked oil cooler, head gasket problems are very rare on them.

What part of speech is the word spill?

Spill is a verb (to spill) and a noun (a spill).

Can you use ammonia to clean up spilled antifreeze?

Not sure, but since antifreeze is a liquid, you would probably have better luck using an absorbant solid. I worked a gas station once and we used kitty litter for gas spills.

What are the precautions you must take when using AntiFreeze liquid?

Take normal safety precautions and be careful not to spill it on the ground. Cats and dogs seem to like it's taste, but it's VERY poisonous to them.

What safety precautions should you take when filling gas tank on a boat?

Do not spill any fuel. Ensure all electrics are turned off to avoid a spark.

The antifreeze looks to be coming out of the seal of the oil pan no antifreeze in oil at dipstick?

Check all the coolant hoses and pipes, especially where they connect (top and bottom of the radiator, connections to the engine and water pump). If there is no antifreeze in the oil registered on a dipstick, are you sure the antifreeze isn't just trickling down the side of the engine?? If it is doing this it will gather at the seal of the oil pan and travel to the lowest point, where it will then spill over, looking very much like it is leaking from the oil pan when in fact the leak is elsewhere.

Is it possible to get a shock from a car through the key in the ignition?

Through a key, yes. But if you see a spark, do not pull out the pump, because gasoline will spill, and ignite. So be careful.

When was the last oil spill?

the last oil spill was the oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico

How do you fill the radiator on a Toyota hiace?

Removing a plastic cover on the pillar beside the passenger's seat (beneath the seatbelt exit point) reveals the radiator cap. Ensure the engine is cold before removing. Take care when filling, because water can spill into the cab.

Will the transmission oil spill out removing the neutral safety switch?


Where was the biggest oil spill in the world?

The The Deepwater Horizon oil spill, also referred to as the BP oil spill or the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is the worst Oil spill known in the history.

What cliche is spill the?

Spill the beans, perhaps?

What are the positive effects on a oil spill?

Oil spill=Oil Oil=$ Therefore Oil spill=$

Can you use antifreeze in radiator?

That's what it's meant for. But then again it depends on what type of radiator you are talking about. It's meant for automobile radiators. Just make sure you don't spill it or allow anyone/anything to drink it. It can kill you.

How do you use spill in a sentence?

Don't spill the beans.

What is a spill valve?

Spill valve is a overflow valve.

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