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"Unfortunately breast milk cannot be used to perform a pregnancy test. Breast milk does not occur until after the birth of the baby. Colostrum is the clear or milk coloured discharge from the nipples. This can also be a indication of too much progesterone, milk duct infection or a hormonal imbalance when its not pregnancy related. Breast milk does not contain HCG. The best method of testing is a blood test." If you are nursing, hcg can leak into breastmilk like it does into urine. It might leak into breastmilk first, and thus not enough be in the urine to show on a hpt. Now, as hpt's aren't designed to be used with breastmilk, it may also be a funky false positive...I would recommend getting a blood test. (I'm in the same boat...)

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How does breast milk produce?

Breast milk or lactation is caused by hormones from pregnancy.

Make breast milk?

Breast milk or lactation is caused by pregnancy hormones and nursing.

Can your blood test negative for pregnancy and still have morning sickness?

No, a negative pregnancy test means the nausea is caused by something besides pregnancy.

What causes a false positive pregnancy test?

False positive pregnancy tests are extremely rare. They are caused by tumors when they occur.

What is the differences between positive and negative charges?

A negative charge is caused by a excess of electrons, a positive charge by their lack.

Is Meningitis gram positive or negative?

it can be caused by both gram positive and gram negative bacteria

Can levothyroxin give a false reading on a pregnancy test?

No, pregnancy tests are specifically looking for hCG. A false positive is almost unheard of, a false negative usually happens when testing too soon - but neither are caused by levothyroxin.

Does swollen breast mean pregnancy?

Swollen breast can be caused by pregnancy or Ovulation, in some women before their period start flowing they experience swollen breast as a result of hormonal increase in the body. But a swollen breast that remains consistent and adds instead of reducing after one month could be pointing towards pregnancy.

Could it be a sign of pregnancy if your breasts have a small amount of liquid coming out but many pregnancy tests have been negative?

Hello. Breast discharge due to pregnancy doesn't occur until the woman is in her second or third trimester so its unlikely this is pregnancy related. If the discharge is clear coloured or a milky colour then this is very common and usually caused by too much progesterone in your blood. Its completely harmless. Some nipple discharge is also caused by massaging of the breasts or handling of the breasts. I would see your doctor for a breast examination to make sure its not caused by a milk duct infection.

Is ringworm gram negative or gram positive or gram negative?

Ringworm is not caused by bacteria, but by various species of fungi.

How is breast cancer caused?

breast cancer is caused by the development of malignant cells in the breast.

Compare and contrast the electric field around a negative charge and the electric field around a positive charge?

A negative charge is caused by a excess of electrons and a positive charge by their lack.

What is a false positive result?

A false positive result on a pregnancy test means that while the test may have said that you are pregnant, you really aren't. False positives are usually caused by old/faulty tests, incorrect reading or use of the test, or by an under lying health condition. However, home pregnancy tests are more likely to give you a false negative than a false positive.

Can stds cause positive pregnancy tests?

No, false positives are very rare and are not caused by or indicative of a STI.

Did Martin van Buren cause positive or negative effects?

He has caused both. One major negative effect was the "Panic of 1837" the positive effect was that he helped set up the political machine.

What can cause a temporary dipole in an atom?

When there is a seperation of positive and negative charges in an atom, dipoles are caused (formed)

What are inverted nipples?

Inverted nipple is a condition where the nipple is outward instead of pointing, It retracted into the breast. In some cases the nipple will be temporarily protruded if stimulated.Inverted nipples are caused by tightened breast duct tissue and may be due to a variety of reasons like:Trauma which can be caused by conditions such as fat necrosis.Breast saggingBreast cancerBreast abscess or mastitisRecurrent infectionsPregnancyFor more information visit at:

Does licking of breast make the girl pregnant?

No. A pregnancy can only be caused by the union of sperm and egg cells, and that may happen during sexual intercourse.

Does the characteristic colors of the reactants and products caused by the cations or the anions in the compounds?

in a ionic compounds the characteristic colors of the reactants and the products are caused by the positive or negative ions in the compounds?

What can cause red blood cells to be spiky?

Antigens, which are caused by the RH factor, that determine if you have negative or positive type blood.

What is the definition of the root word ion?

an atom with a positive or negative charge caused by an uneven amount of electrons (even to the # of protons that is)

What are H ions?

H ions are charged particles of Hydrogen. By charged, I mean it has either a positive or negative overall charge, caused by the addition of an electron (negative) or the subtraction of one (positive). Generally, it will be an H+ ion, which itself is simply a proton.

Is diarrhea a early sign of pregnancy and if it is a symptom will there be abdominal pain accompanied with diarrhea?

While this happens to some women early in pregnancy, breast tenderness, fatigue, nausea and vomiting are more typical signs of early pregnancy - diarrhea alone is seldom caused by pregnancy. Speak with your doctor or clinic if you are concerned.

Is syphilis gram positive or gram negative?

Syphilis is the name given to describe a disease that is believed to be caused by spirochetal bacterium Treponema Pallidum , it`s a gram negative bacteria

If your milk has dried up in your breast after losing a baby could you be pregnant again if breast milk has returned?

You could be. Or this can be caused by certain hormones still present in your body after the miscarriage. You should definitely take a pregnancy test to find out.