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Why would breast milk cause a home pregnancy test to come out positive yet urine caused a negative result?


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"Unfortunately breast milk cannot be used to perform a pregnancy test. Breast milk does not occur until after the birth of the baby. Colostrum is the clear or milk coloured discharge from the nipples. This can also be a indication of too much progesterone, milk duct infection or a hormonal imbalance when its not pregnancy related. Breast milk does not contain HCG. The best method of testing is a blood test." If you are nursing, hcg can leak into breastmilk like it does into urine. It might leak into breastmilk first, and thus not enough be in the urine to show on a hpt. Now, as hpt's aren't designed to be used with breastmilk, it may also be a funky false positive...I would recommend getting a blood test. (I'm in the same boat...)