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The Israeli army is only interested in wiping out terrorism. Unfortunately, many terrorist throw civilians into the line of fire, for the express purpose of affecting world opinion.

It is a very successful tactic.

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Why is there a Gaza strip in israel?

The Gaza Strip is not part of Israel.

How did the Gaza Strip become Israel?

The Gaza Strip is not part of Israel.

Who promised the Gaza strip to israel?

Nobody did that, and the Gaza Strip is not part of Israel.

Is Israel part of the Gaza Strip?

Israel is not part of the Gaza Strip, and the status is mutual.

Who controls the Gaza strip of israel?

The Gaza Strip is controlled by Hamas, and is not part of Israel.

Why does Israel own the Gaza strip?

Israel does not 'own' the Gaza Strip, and there have been no Israelis there since 2006.

How long has there been battles in the Gaza strip?

The people of Gaza attack Israel most days.

Where is Gaza?

Gaza City is in the Gaza Strip. Next to Jerusalem and Israel.

What religions were involved in the Gaza war?

The usual in Israel; Judaism trying to survive, and Islam complaining when Israel doesn't feed the Gaza Strip (they were firing rockets into Israel from the Gaza Strip).

Why is there conflict in israel along the Gaza strip?

many years there was israeli Settlements in gaza strip, in the summer of 2005 israel get out from there, since then there isn't israel Presence in gaza strip, but hamas the other isalmic Organizations has take over the gaza strip, and start to shoot Missiles over israel cities, this Situation forced israel to defense itself

Is the Gaza strip a country or to whom does it belong?

The Gaza strip is not a country. It is a territory that is controlled by Israel.

What does Gaza have that Israel does not have?

A Hamas Government.Pretty much everything else you can find in Gaza exists in Israel.The reason that Israel is fighting against Gaza has to do with the belligerent attitude and activities of its government. Israel does not want the Gaza Strip to acquire the territory or the people.

What is the meaning of Gaza in the story of samson?

The Gaza in the Samson story refers to the same Gaza of today. The Philistines were a coastal people who settled in what is today the Gaza Strip and some parts of Israel along the coast to the north of the Gaza Strip.

Does Israel want to control Gaza strip?


Where would you find Gaza on a map?

Gaza is a small strip of land located in the southwest corner of Israel on the Mediterranean Sea. It borders Egypt on the west of the strip.

Why was the Gaza Strip made?

The Gaza Strip was made "by accident". It was based on the armistice lines between Egypt and Israel.

Does the Gaza Strip belong to Israel?

No. According to the 1993 Oslo Accords, the Gaza Strip belongs to the Palestinian Authority.

Why are Israel and Gaza at war?

Israel and Gaza are not currently at war however, recently they were and it was because Israel was retaliating on account of persistent rocket attacks coming from the Gaza Strip.

How long has Israel controlled the Gaza strip?

Israel handed control of the Gaza Strip over to the Palestinian Authority in 2006, and Hamas soon took it away from them.

Why can't the two countries just share the Gaza Strip?

Ironically, the Gaza Strip is the only territory in the entirety of the former Mandate of Palestine (Israel and the Palestinian Territories) that is not actually contested between the Israeli and Palestinian governments. Israel ceded significant control of the Gaza Strip to the Palestinian Authority in 1993 and subsequently gave it full control in 2005.The reason that there have been numerous wars in the Gaza Strip is because the Hamas government that currently rules over the Gaza Strip has a policy that peace with Israel is impossible and continues to lash out against Israel. If the Gaza Strip was more willing to behave peacefully with its neighbors (both Egypt and Israel), there would be fewer conflicts in the Gaza Strip. (Even Palestinians are getting tired of Hamas as can be seen in the parody of the "Thank You Hamas" videos.)

Why are the Gaza Strip and Israel separated?

Militants from Gaza wish to cause harm and mayhem in Israel. As a result, Israel built a fence to keep them out.

The Gaza strip is located between?

Egypt and israel=]

Is the Gaza Strip in war?

No, it has been blockaded by Israel.

What countries border the Gaza Strip?

Egypt Israel

Where is Gaza strip from Israel?

The Gaza "strip" is an extension of the northeastern corner of the Sinai Peninsula, adjacent to southwestern Israel, on the Mediterranean coast south of Tel Aviv and Ashdod.

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