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I would have someone check your timing chain a certified mechanic if you can get one

2006-09-12 04:22:53
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What is the turning radius of a Mercury Villager?

The turning radius of a Mercury Villager may depend on the year in which it was made. The turning radius is 38.7 feet for vehicles made during the 1993-1998 period.

1994 Mercury Villager steering pops while turning right?

Sounds like a drive axle half shaft. Have it replaced. Not that expensive.

Why does my car Humming but not when turning right?

you have a wheel bearing going out my friend,

Why is distributor in Mercury Villager not turning?

A couple thing come to mind. Broken timing belt, broken camshaft, broken distributor shaft. Are you seeing the trend here?? I think your engine is BROKEN.

What is the cause of a humming noise when turning the steering wheel of a Honda Prelude?

Anytime I've ever heard a humming noise when turning the steering wheel on any vehicle,It has always been due to low power steering fluid

How do you remove the nut on the crankshaft pulley on 1998 mercury villager?

1. Large air impact wrench. 2. Fabricate or buy holding tool to keep pulley from turning while you remove nut.

Why is my air conditioner fan hot and humming?

you don't say if it is turning. ??? Replace the starting capacitor.

Why is there a Humming noise when driving and a vibration when turning 2000 gmc jimmy?

because something is about to break.

Why does the parking brake light go on when turning in 1994 mercury villager?

You may be low on brake fluid. If you are low on brake fluid you may be ready for some brake work or you have a leak somewhere in the system, have it checked soon!

Is it your ball bearing when the car makes a humming noise when turning the wheel to the right or left?

could be your wheel bearings

What would cause a knocking sound when turning corners in my 99 Mercury Villager?

Could be you are low on Power Steering Fluid. My 97 Villager seems to need it every 6-7 months. My van will make noises around corners (or hard steering) even if the level is "full". I fill it to the top and all the noises go away (at least for 6-7 months).

Why would 2000 Hyundai accent shakes and makes humming noise when turning the wheel to the right?

change your wheel bearing!!

How do you know which wheel bearing is bad?

With each wheel raised, Use both hands, one at 12 o clock position, another at 6 o clock position of the tire/wheel. Shake it, any movements? Should be none. Another way is, when driving, there is a "humming sound", it will get worse if you turn it to the right, or worse if you turn it to the left. The humming sound will go louder. If humming sound is stronger when turning wheel to left, RIGHT BEARING IS BAD. If humming sound is stronger when turning wheel to right LEFT BEARING IS BAD.

What is the cause of a humming noise when turning the steering wheel of a ford windstar?

Check and see if your power steering fluid level is low.

Why does your car 1985 Chevy Celebrity make a humming soundYou have changed the ignition switch and it worked fine then the car wont start and it makes a humming noise?

when you turn your key and you only hear humming noise, the problem will most likely be that the starter is not engaging the fly wheel, its turning but is not sliding forward to do its job. have the starter check.

Why is your 14 kt bracelet sg turning silver?

Has it been exposed to mercury. Mercury will bind to gold and you have to have a jeweler fix it.

Why does the left front end of your 2004 Chrysler sebring make a humming noise when going straight or turning left over 25 mph but stops when turning right?

A failing wheel bearing is a likely cause.

Why does the engine make a humming noise near the alternator after you shut down the VW 2001 Beetle 1.8T?

Your engine might make a humming noise near the alternator after you shut it down because the fan is still running or because the fuel pump is shutting down. Another cause for the humming noise could be the AC motor turning off.

How can you tell if your 2000 mercury villager is turning over with a broken timing belt?

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TURN THE ENGINE OVER IF YOU SUSPECT A BROKEN TIMING BELT !!!!!! If you have, you already have more problems than a broken timing belt. Remove the upper timing belt cover and physically look at the timing belt.

Gas becomes liquid is called what?

A gas turning into a liquid is called condensation.

Examples of liquids turning into a gas?

Water evaporates and becomes gas when you boil it.

What does water become less of when it heats?

if you are talking about what form it is it, it becomes less of a liquid and more of a gas (: It becomes less "dense" eventually turning into a gas, as above has stated.

Why doesn't Mercury burn up?

Well yes you would unless in the future they made a suit immune to heat but kid don't go on mercury you will be like ice cream turning to yogurt.

Why a High pitched hum at 45-50 mph with a 98 Saturn hum stops when turning or veering right?

Because the person humming needed to breathe before they could start again.

How do you unlock the steering wheel for a 1988 mercury grand marquis?

Try "rocking" back and forth while turning ignition key