Why would my yellow lab be losing fur?

Dogs will shed at times and seasons, but at other times seem to do it much less. It is not always apparent why the coat changes without a major change in weather.

If sections or patches show badly, do not hesitate to take your friend to the vet, as infections and other nasties could be at work. You will be doing the right thing to avoid suffering for you both.

Food seems to sometimes set off reactions too, I suspect that a change in diet and balance of proteins can cause hair to change. (As a kid on the farm I noticed protein in the form of extra eggs would always make the hair smoother.) Also take the time to look around and make sure there is no bad source of food, or something to lick that is not healthy.

Wish what every good dog already sees in you, the Best!

Victor Brodt author- JacktheDog and His Boy