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Why would one fish hide from the others?

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2007-06-18 02:16:42

Most fish hide from fear of being eaten. Fish have a

cannibalistic nature. It is a known fact a small fish will be eaten

by a larger fish. Some will even eat the eggs. If you will take

notice, todays fishermen use a false bate to catch fish. These

false batesoftenlook like a fish. As lovely as the lakes.

ponds,rivers, streams and oceans may look, it is a very hard place

for fish to live. It is like living in a war zone. They never know

when theirnext swim willbe their last. Often, when a fish is

looking for food, a larger fish is looking for food. The smaller

fish is a meal for the larger fish. National Geographs has shown

several shows about the life of a fish. For people, life can be

hard, but be glad we are not like the fish. Atleast we have some

protection by law. The law of the fish seems to be.... EAT OR BE


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