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Why would one fish hide from the others?

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Most fish hide from fear of being eaten. Fish have a cannibalistic nature. It is a known fact a small fish will be eaten by a larger fish. Some will even eat the eggs. If you will take notice, todays fishermen use a false bate to catch fish. These false batesoftenlook like a fish. As lovely as the lakes. ponds,rivers, streams and oceans may look, it is a very hard place for fish to live. It is like living in a war zone. They never know when theirnext swim willbe their last. Often, when a fish is looking for food, a larger fish is looking for food. The smaller fish is a meal for the larger fish. National Geographs has shown several shows about the life of a fish. For people, life can be hard, but be glad we are not like the fish. Atleast we have some protection by law. The law of the fish seems to be.... EAT OR BE EATEN!

2007-06-18 02:16:42
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Then the others bully the fish.

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Fish Glue is a form of Hide Glue in that it is made out of the hide (or skin) of non-oily fish. Details of this glue is discussed in Hide Glue - Historical & Practical Applications. Fish glue has a couple of unique characteristics, one being it is more flexible and the other is it has an aggressive tack. In other words it is real sticky.

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Will fish hide when they are pregnant?

I have a 20 gallon fresh water fish tank. I have one gold fish that i think is pregnant again. She just hides all the time is that ok?

Why is some iguanas brown while others are green?

Well it depends on the area they live in, if one lived in the forest it would have to adapt to hide from predators. if one lived in the rain forest it would be green for the same reason.

What is the example of predation in freshwater biome?

Well predation the preying of one animal on others. So an example would be herrons and fish

Could Toucan or hummingbird or kookaburra or cuckoo eat fish?

out of those the only one that could would be the kookaburra but i doesn't normally eat fish unlike others of the kingfisher family

When one fish dies in a fish tank does it contaminate the rest of the tank?

Yes.That happend to me a few days ago, one fish died, and then all of the others died except one.:(

Where would you hide your pot of gold if you had one?

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Can fish catch ick disease from another fish?

Yes. If one fish in a tank has ick, the others will probably get it too. So even if only one fish in your tank has the parasite, treat the whole tank.

What kind of fish doesn't a male betta fish eat?

You can try to put Guppy fish in with your Betta fish. That would be one of the only fish that i would put in with my Betta fish. I say that because i have a Betta male and he is OKAY with guppies. the first guppy i put in his died to to getting picked on by him but the others did not, so just give him another chance if you decide to get guppies. Hope i helped!

What can fish eat except fish food?

if the fish is a smaller one then it would eat bugs. If it were bigger it would eat other small fish.

What is a example of a change in the environment that would harm a flounder fish?

pollution, flounder hide in the sediment and if the color of the sediment changes they can no longer hide from predators. sweet fact about flounder btw... when they are born their eyes are on opposite sides of their head and as they goes from juvenile to adults one of the eyes migrates to the other side of its body so that the fish can lie flat in the sediment to hide and which eye moves depends on the species of flounder it is gotta love adaptations

What preys on a tadpole?

Fish is the big one. Others include turtles and birds.

What would be used to open a can in one fish two fish red fish blue fish?

an elephants trunk

What type of home care do bettas need?

well you first need at least a one gallon fish bowl and fish gravel and plants and stuff for them to hide in. fish food, and give them every once in a wile betta fish treats for fat.

Why would one use a desalination service provider?

There are many reasons one would need desalination services. If one has a fish tank or aquarium with freshwater fish the fish can die if there is too much salt and would need to have the salt removed.

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Plaice is one, Turbot and Flounder are others. There are several roundish, flat fish that are good to eat.

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The barracuda is the odd one out. It is a member of the fish family - the others are all types of snake.