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your cells multiply and you could have cancer


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Talent agents would not care if you have a mole under your arm. Cindy Crawford made moles on your face famous.

The crossed-extensor reflex. The grasped arm is withdrawn while the other arm pushes you away from the stranger.

its suddenly stop working, left leg and arm

It just grows naturally. Like, regular moles. You see them everyday. They grow until death. I hope it answers your question because if you see moles on your arm, you see them on your behind. :p

Bumps on your arm can be a variety of things. They can be warts, cysts, moles, or tumors. Each of these requires a different kind of treatment. Consult your doctor.

Stroke symptoms appear suddenly and often progress rapidly, so it's important to know what some of the most common ones are so treatment can be obtained immediately. These include numbness or weakness of the face arm or leg, particularly on one side, confusion, trouble speaking or comprehending, difficulty seeing, difficulty in walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordinator and sudden severe headache with no known cause.

One of the main signs of skin cancer in a mole or bump that is brown in color, and changes size. If the moles on your arm have changed recently, I would have them checked by a doctor.

One simple example is to try combing your hair without bending your arm at the elbow, which will prove impossible. You would need a friend willing to comb your hair for you!

Arm liposuction is a permanent, lasting procedure. It leaves your arms smaller and appear more toned.

cause you would have different arteries in your arm

hi i had this problem while ago was down to rotor arm and cap

If the wound is on an arm or leg that does not appear to have a broken bone

You would have 1/6 of your weight on the moon if weighed on a spring balance. On an equal arm balance you would appear to weigh the same but in reality your would only be demonstrating that your mass was unchanged.

You would for sure on the lower arm to keep the arm raised to minimize swelling and pain. It will have no affect for the upper arm (above the elbow).

You may be pinching a nerve without knowing it. When you stop, your leg or arm will stop throbbing. If it continues, you should call a doctor.

That would be tattoos on the arm opposite to the right....

This sounds like a trick question, but I would say that if he is the "one arm man", he would only have one arm.

Pain, tenderness, and brusing Abnormal position of the fractured extremity Arm or leg may appear shorter then the opposite arm or leg

The body part "arm" would be translated "brazo."

If he flexor was not able to contract the person would not be able to bend his/her arm.

what would it be with a lump under the armpit

Brachial means arm. This would mean the left arm.

If you count the arm as strictly the arm (upper arm), it is only one, the humerus. If you are counting loosely and counting the lower arm too, it would be 3, the humerus, the radius, and the ulna.

An arm of a microscope supports the microscope you would carry a microscope by holding the arm and putting the base in the palm of your hand.

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