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Why would someone eat baking soda?

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The first answer, in brackets below, is wrong because of course there is no sugar in baking soda. My dad used to eat a spoonful of baking soda when he had heartburn. I've tried it, too, for lack of an antacid pill, and it works.

[To get a blood sugar 'fix' or high - it is dangerous]

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Why can't you eat baking soda?

why would you eat baking soda plus it will ruin your insides

Can you eat baking soda as a food?

Baking soda by itself has no nutritional value.

Is baking soda a good decalcifier?

No. Baking soda acts as a base. You would need an acid to eat away the calcium such as lemon juice.

What happens if you eat to much baking soda?

If you eat too much Baking Soda it can get you a blood 'fix' or high, it's very dangerous.

Can sugar and baking soda kill ants?

Yes, you can kill ants by using sugar and baking soda. The sugar will attract them to the area and they will eat it; the baking soda is what kills them.

Are you able to eat Baking Soda?

not a good idea sooo i wouldn't try it there are alot of chemicals in baking soda

Which makes teeth whiter Am and hammer baking soda or Crest toothpaste?

baking soda you can also eat lemons .

Is baking soda harmful to eat?

No, it is frequently used in baking to make batter rise, so it is safe to eat it.

Can people eat baking soda?

Well some people put baking soda to cakes so it could rise some toothpaste have baking soda to make your teeth whiter my grandma not to long ago said to put some baking soda to my toothbrush then brush my teeth with the baking soda in it in my opinion I think yea

Can you eat baking soda?

Yes. But some people are addicted to it. - From a scientific point of view, that is incorrect. if you eat baking soda, you should watch yourself because it could hurt you (make you sick). it is ok to eat in a prepared meal because of the chemical reaction that takes place during baking. if you eat baking soda (a large amount) call a poison control centre.

Is baking soda and acid?

No! It is a alkaline! Hence, if your PH is below 7, add baking soda! Leave for 3 hours in the oven and eat.

Do chocolate chip cookies need baking soda?

If your recipe calls for it, YES!I made a batch of oatmeal cookies and forgot the baking soda the recipe had called for. They tasted so awful that not even the squirrels would eat them.

Name an ingredient that you use in baking but would not normally eat on its own?

Answer:Flour, salt, butter, sugar, cinnamon, baking soda, baking powder, vanilla, oil, yeast, shortening, raw eggs.

What are two examples of bases that are found in foods you eat?

Eggs, and Baking Soda.

Is baking soda bad for children?

No, it's not, unless you eat too much of it.

Is baking soda harmful to ferrets?

Yes it is because baking soda fizzes and if ferrets eat it, it might block their oesophagus and they won't be able to breathe, so be very careful.

What happens when you eat baking soda?

It will not cause a miscarriage. You can eat some if you like but I doubt you'll enjoy it.

What happens to the cake recipe if you use baking soda instead of baking powder?

It won't rise and will be very tough to eat

If you eat pop rocks and drink coke will you die?

Haha no! that's just a myth. But if you drink baking soda and soda you will.

Will you die if you eat raw baking powder?

No you will not die if you eat baking soda because it is a health nutrients there for it want harm you try eating a spoonful a day or week

How much baking soda can you eat and be safe?

im not sure you can eat any on its own... no harm in trying though... or is there?

What happens when you put rasins in a cup with vinegar and baking soda?

They exploded and eat u

What kind of vegetables can a guinea pig eat?

peanut butter mixed with baking soda

What happens if you eat baking soda on an empty stomach?

First of all, it wouldn't taste particularly sweet or yummy, but nothing bad would happen unless you ate a heck of a lot of it. Baking soda is a common home remedy for upset stomachs because it neutralizes the stomach acid. A craving got things like baking soda can be a symptom of iron deficiency.

Will anything happen to you if you ate cookies without baking soda in them?

You will eat hard, flat, possibly tasty cookies. Baking soda helps the cookies rise. Without it, they stay flat, as does matzoh.