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The hands have it. Usually when someone is stressed out or has been stressed out they can pluck at their eyebrows, pick skin, twist their hair, bite their nails, etc. You are the one that holds the key to this problem. Find out either when this habit started (stress related) or, why you are doing it now.

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How do you fix eyebrows?

If you're plucking your eyebrows out, I would suggest you to do it after waxing it and when it grows out again. If you have bushy eyebrows, I would recommend waxing it at a salon.

What is better plucking or waxing your eyebrows?

I myself would suggest plucking but just warning you they both are very uncomfortable

How can you get rid of a unibrow?

I would try plucking them with tweezers, or if that hurts for you, try waxing or shaving in between your two eyebrows.

As a kid how would chandler make hi pocket money in friends series?

Plucking the eyebrows of his father and business partners.

Will plucked eyebrows grow back thicker?

No it is a fact that plucked hairs will grow back finer. Older women always complain about this because of years of plucking, their eyebrows are a lot finer than they would like them to be.

How to reduce pain while plucking your eyebrows?

when you get out of the shower your pours are open if by taken a hot shower so when you get out plucking would be much easier also use baby wipes to wipe away the hair that's been pulled, and least but last use ice!

If someone didn't have eyebrows could they still look surprised?

Gotta try that ! I guess I would be !

Trichotillomania is plucking at one's hair What is the medical term for plucking at the bedclothes?

To be honest I have no idea what the term for plucking at bedclothes is. However, people with trichotillomania can also have the "craving" to pull hair from pets, blankets, etc. I guess it would go under the same category for someone with trichotillomania but for someone who doesn't have the disorder I really don't know... Hope this helps!

What would you use for plucking a guitar?

Your fingers

What is the proper name for plucking the strings on a violin?

Pizzacato. Although plucking is fine too. In the music it would be marked "pizz".

Is threading eyebrows better than plucking?

Thrading is better in my opinion because its kinder to the skin,takes it off from the root and its way faster.. it hurts a little more but hey Beauty is pain. so if it was me i would choose threading. i hope this helps

Why should someone be a cosmetologist?

someone could want to be a cosmetologist because there interested in cutting or shaving or plucking hair. Or nails like manicures and pedicures. The reason i would though is to see the reactions to someone who likes the outcome of their hair!

Does habit and average rhyme?

no, habit and rabbit would.

What age to get Indian eyebrows done?

Your supposed to get your eyebrows done when your a grown up. But I would say 16 and over.

Are thick eyebrows ugly?

Thick eyebrows are not ugly. According to most people associating with beauty, thick eyebrows have been picked for most gorgeous. And something else...who would want their eyebrows to be a line? I am one of those people who wouldn't.

What are some bad dares?

some bad dares would be... -dare someone to drink spoiled milk -dare someone to shave off your friends eyebrows while they are asleep -dare someone to put itching power on toilet paper

Does David caruso dye his hair?

I would assume not since his eyebrows are red also. People can dye their eyebrows, but typically darker, red would be very unlikely.

What is Robert Pattinsons bad habit?

Smoking would probably be his worst habit

Does Joe Jonas have big eyebrows?

Yes he does, they seem really big, but there's nothing you can do about your eyebrows. Besides he looks good with them, and as long as they're not unibrow it's fine. {Actually there is stuff you can do about your eyebrows. Pluck, wax, shave if you're desperate, which Joe would be if he cut his hair and actually saw his eyebrows. They're not even eyebrows anymore, they are powerbrows.}

Why do women pluck their eyebrows?

Because we would rather not have a unibrow. Some women over pluck and then wind up with no eyebrows, but over all women are trying to shape the eyebrows so that the eyes look more alluring.

A sentence for the word yoke?

Yoke is another word for robbing or mugging someone. A good sentence would be, he was placed in prison due to his habit of yoke.

Can someone use would to refer past tense?

Yes, would is past tense form of will. For example a past habit: The dog would wait by the gate every afternoon, for his master to come home.

How do divide the word habit into syllables?

Sound out the word and the pauses are syllables. So habit would be hab-it.

Did Britney Spears shave her eyebrows?

Britney Spears has never shaved her eyebrows, or certainly not within the past decade or so. If she had, the media would have been All. Over. It.

What habit would a pig have?

rolling in mud.

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