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that's very bad sounds very much like what shows up when you have stomach ulcers especially in the advanced stages. ouch!


could also be a yeast infection in the gut, which can be treated with medication from a doctor usually easily

yeast isn't too serious, although it can cause effects in your body and general health

also it could be ibs and or stress related itself, in which your body can produce amounts of mucus and this comes out with and in the feces

definitely see a doctor thou, they can rule out a lot of things like yeast easily and quickly and that means quicker treatment for whatever it is.


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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 17:21:49
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Q: Why would someone have an orange or white jelly-like substance in your stool?
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What causes white jellylike passage in stools?

If you have white jelly like substances in your stool it is usually nothing to worry about. If you start noticing it often and other changes with your stool, you need to contact your doctor.

A postitve reducing substance stool test indicate?

A positive reducing substance in stool indicates that certain sugars or carbohydrates are not digested by the intestine.

What is White string substance in stool?


Why is your hamsters stool orange?

The dyes in the food that they eat.

What would cause the stool of a bearded dragon to be orange?


Why would you have white sperm-like substance in your stool?

It's possible that it is your body's natural lubrication to pass the stool or tapeworms.

White stringy substance in stool?

it should be wooden I believe.

Why does my dog have orange mucus in his stool?

Do you know what the dog ate previiously? any carrots or fruit? if it continues take stool sample to vet.

How do you treat excess bile in cat's orange stool?

The treatment of excess bile in a cat's orange stool should be done under the supervision of a vet trained to handle healthcare of animals. There is no home remedy to treat this issue.

Can goji berries change colour of stool?

Yes, makes it more orange

What causes a bloody stool?

Someone dieing on it

Can you tell if someone is a alcohlic from there stool?

To stop drinking

What word means yellowish brown?

I have a stool that begins light brown and turns to a orange yellow stool. I have been taking Peri Colace for constipation. This doesn't always happen.

What is a black thread-like substance in stool?

Have you been eating bananas lately? The center of the banana can cause this to happen sometimes. If you think you have a parasite take a stool sample and give it to your doctor.

When someone have embroiders what is the cure for that?

when human stool is punishing to pass what is good for that

What causes Non-oily orange diarrhea with red spots?

Some medicine cause diarrhea and red or orange colored stool. It could also be caused by eating orange colored foods; if it persists, consult a physician.

What are the advantages of using a Swivel bar stool?

A swivel bar stool can be an advantage over a traditional bar stool as it is easier to get up and down. You don't need to move the stool from its position as you can turn around to jump off. You can also more easily turn towards someone to talk to them.

What could cause a corn-like substance in your stool?

Is it corn-like or corn? Corn does not digest and comes out whole.

What is One substance that can interfere with the stool examination for parasite is called?


What chemical substance produced by the body contributes to the intense pain associated with inflammation?

Stool (poo) is the chemical substance produced by the body that is associated with the pain of inflammation, as inflammation is pain in your backside.

Orange jelly stool in dogs?

If it appears more than twice, take the dog to a vet. Maybe collect some of the dog's stool with the jelly-like material in it into a plastic bag or container so they can do a parasite study under the microscope.

Can someone give you something that makes your stool green and stop going to the bathroom?

eat carrots

How can you use the word stool in a sentence?

i sat on a stool. the stool was very high. the stool was brown.



What is Tissue like substance in stool?

Go doctors mate n get it checked out. I think it happens when u have too much spicy food.