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Some of the reasons a person would use a bank instead of a credit union include: 1. There is no credit union within a reasonable distance, making a nearby bank more convenient. 2. The individual is not eligible for credit union membership. 3. The individual is not aware of the advantages of credit union membership over a conventional bank. 4. Personal preference.j3h.

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Is a bank or credit union better for a car loan?

A credit union would be easier to obtain a car loan from. There are less fees involved, and the rates are lower at a credit union. You would potentially save hundreds of dollars a year if you used one, instead of a bank.

How do you you abbreviate federal credit union?

FCU is the standard abbreviation for federal credit union. However, each credit union would utilize their own abbreviation. For example, Arizona Federal Credit Union would be AZFCU.

Can you have all retirement funds transferred from another Credit Union to Delta Credit Union?

We would like to have all our funds moved from another Credit Union to Delta Credit Union. What is the process? Thank You , Ray.

Where can one find information on ORNL Federal Credit Union?

The official site for the ORNL Federal Credit Union would be the best place to start if you would like to find more information concerning it. You can also try the Better Business Bureau and the Credit Union Journal.

Is it better to get a car loan from a credit union, a bank, or a loan shark?

It would usually be cheaper and more ideal to get your loan from a credit union, but this can change, depending on your credit score! The second best would be getting your loan from a loan shark.

Will the state employees credit union hire me if you have a bad credit?

Why would the states credit union care what MY credit is when they are hiring YOU? Besides could a drunk get a job as a bartender... If you couldn't handle your own finances, as a member I wouldn't want you near mine..

Where could someone with bad credit apply for an auto loan?

Even if one has bad credit, one should first apply for an auto loan at the bank, credit union or financial institution where one does business. Car dealerships would be another source to apply for an auto loan even with bad credit.

What is a reference on a job resume?

A reference on a resume is someone who would recommend you to that job. Someone who gives you credit and would recommend you to someone.

What exactly is the schools financial credit union?

A school financial credit union is a company that provide services like a bank but the people that use their services would need to be school employees.

What services do Prospera credit union offer?

The Prospera credit union offers many of the same features as a typical bank would offer. These services include checking accounts and savings accounts, loans, and credit card services.

Who is responsible if a employees at credit union stole money?

The employee of the credit union obviously, who would no doubt have criminal charges brought against thtem. The depositor would lose no money's nor would the credit untion. While the credit union might bear some liablility for the hiring, and/or lack of supervision of the employee, these types of liabilities and losses are insured, and seldom if ever, become liability issues for which the depositer might sue for damages.

What is Account type of credit Union account?

At a credit union, you can have checking, savings, money market, etc. just like you would have at a bank. One difference is that credit unions are owned by its members (account holders), rather than stockholders.

Is there a specific school financial credit union for college government funded loans?

There are several different financial credit unions that can help with college government funding so my advice would be to talk to the college your child would be attending to make sure it is covered by the government funded credit union.

Why would someone be interested in no credit check auto loans?

Someone might be interested in no credit check auto loans if they have bad or poor credit. Most major loan companies conduct credit checks and will screen out those with bad credit.

What are the reasons a person might want to use the services of Consumers Credit Union?

A consumer Credit Union offers all the usual services of a bank, including deposit accounts, loans, ATM cards and other consumer services. However, a credit union is owned by its members. A person who wants to have a share in his or her banking institution and receive dividends would be likely to choose a credit union over a traditional bank.

Where is the best place for a person to get advice about loans and credit?

The place to get advice about loans and credits would be from a bank official where one does banking. A credit union official would also provide advice about loans and credit.

What credit cards are available for someone with no credit history?

Most credit card companies will offer a credit card for someone with no credit history. A few of them are capital one, any prepaid credit card and most banks. If you have no credit history the best way to go would be to go thru your bank.

You have two auto loans with a credit union and wanted to discharge one through bankruptcy and reaffirm on the other but the credit union says no Is this possible?

I work at a credit union, and there is no reason you cannot re-affirm that 2nd loan, I would tell you to contact, the borad in writing and explain your reasons to file and why only on one.

How can one apply for a Citi credit card?

Someone wanting to apply for a Citi credit card can do so online. Someone would just have to go to the Citi credit card page and fill out their information.

How can you conduct a credit search?

When running a credit check on someone, you would contact the three main credit companies, one of which is Equifax, they would send you a reporting which would contain a credit history and a summarized number for the person for whom the inquiry was placed.

Where can I find consumer credit consolidation?

There are several places you can go for help in managing consumer credit consolidation. Your local bank or credit union would both definitely be able to help you with this.

Why would someone watch you instead of the movie?

you have something in your teeth

How would one contact Provident Credit Union?

Provident Credit union is available to contact a variety of ways. On their website they list their open office and bank hours, but they also list a phone number and an email address.

How can someone get a goodyear credit card?

To get a Goodyear Tires credit card you would need to go to their website, and then fill out an application. You would need to have a good credit history, and stable employment as well.

What is better navy federal or Wachovia?

If you are eligible for Navy Federal, I would suggest going with the credit union.