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Because slavery was the mainstay of the cotton industry.

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Q: Why would southerners support a pro-slavery government if they did not believe in slavery?
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What does proslavery mean?

Pro-slavery means that you favor slavery, & want it to stay.

Proslavery southerners often declared slavery to be a in order to maintain white living standards and to avert racial violence?

necessary evil

What did Southerners believe they were fighting for?

Southerners believed they were fighting for 1. Slavery 2. their rural way of life

What does antislavery mean?

AntislaveryAntislavery means against slavery.

Why did many southerners move toTexas?

The Mexican government offered them land and they could have slavery.

How did the controversy over slavery become violent?

With the slavery issue based on popular sovereignty, the territories would become slave or free depending on which side had more votes. Both antislavery Northerners and proslavery Southerners scrambled to settle Kansas. One fierce slavery opponent, John Brown, killed five proslavery people in a raid and started a small civil war that killed some 200 people from both sides.

How did the southerners feel about the future of slavery in the US?

The Southerners did not feel good about the future of slavery

Southern proslavery arguments did NOT include the belief that slavery was?

Southern proslavery arguments did not include the belief that slavery was mandated by the Constitution of the United States. Slavery had been a contentious issue between the North and South since the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

What southerners called for to protect their right to own slaves?

Southerners called for states' rights and the preservation of the institution of slavery to protect their right to own slaves. They argued that the federal government should not interfere with the laws of individual states regarding slavery.

How did northerners and southerners view slavery?

Some northerners believed slavery was morally wrong. Southerners believed slavery was an essential part of their lives.

What did southerners do after arguing for the continuation of slavery in 1830?

Southern people argued for the continuation of slavery in 1830. After it was denied by the government, they started to petition for their states to secede from the Union.

What changes in the political parties took place in the 1850 and 1840?

The slavery issue changed political parties. The Whig Party collapsed, divided between anti slavery Northerners and proslavery Southerners. With this split, a Democrat won the 1852 campaign for president. Some Whigs joined the new American party.