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Pool water that has a higher concentration of COPPER will tend to turn light colored hair slightly green.

The copper could be from a number of sources including: naturally high copper content in your local water; high use of copper-based algaecides; high water pH; use of ionizers, etc.

Some people believe that you can remove some oxidized metals from your hair by using shampoos which contain the chelating agent EDTA (ethylenediamene tetracetic acid).

Others believe that Washing your hair in warm water containing dissolved aspirin will have a similar result.

Personally, I cannot say if either of these suggestions will work or that they won't damage your hair further. I include them here for information only.

I would advise you or the pool owner to monitor the amount of dissolved metals in the water and add a chelating agents to the pool to neutralize or remove metals from the water before they have a chance to be absorbed by your hair.


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Q: Why would swimming pool water cause natural blonde hair to get a green tint to it?
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