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== == There is a nice possibility that one of the sensors have been damaged. perhaps you only jammed switch

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Q: Why would the ABS and brake light stay on after hitting the brakes very hard?
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Why would the Emergency brake light stays on in 1994 voyager?

You have air in your brake lines. Have the brakes bled.

What would cause the dashboard warning light for the brake system to still illuminate after the brakes were repaired?

Is it the parking brake light or the ABS light? is it red light or amber?

If my antilock brake system went out on a 1997 F-250 would i still have brakes?

As long as the red " BRAKE " light is not on in your dash you still have " normal " brakes even with the ABS light on

Why would the brake and abs light stay on in your 1998 dodge Durango brakes are new?

New brakes have nothing to do with it. The prolem is with the Anti-lock Brake System, and not the brakes themselves. Take it to a professional.

Why would you brake light and ABS light stay lit on the dash when the brakes are new?

The abs light is a separate system from the brakes.. I know that sounds funny but the abs system is after the break system. Your brakes will still work if the abs is inop. The brake light is usually a fluid level indicator in the master cylinder, not a light to tell you to replace the pads or shoes. I would look for a fluid leak or a problem with the parking brake.

Why would the emergency brake light stay on when the emergency brake is off in a 92 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

If the light stays on when the emergency brake is not engaged, this indicates the brakes are getting low and need to be replaced.

What would cause your brake light and abs light to come on but not all the time on a 2002 chevy silverado 2x4?

This is a sign that you need to have the brakes inspected, soon. Worn brakes causes the brake fluid reservoir level to drop causing the brake and abs lights to come on.

Why would the brake warning light come on intermittently but not stay on continuously?

Could be low on brake fluid. This is a sign that the brakes need attention.

Why is the brake light on the dash on in your 1996 Lexus es 300?

I have a 1994 Lexus ES300 and when my brake light came on, it meant that one of my brakes lines had busted. Eventually I had NO brakes. Not sure if this would apply to yours. Get it checked out before it is to late.

What would cause the brake light to come on intermittenly after all brakes were changed?

Check the brake fluid level in the reservoir there is a sensor there that will make the light come on if your level is low.

Why would brake light fuse keep blowing after stepping on the brakes a few times on a 1991 corvette?

It is possible that one of the bulbs is shorting out. Try replacing the brake light bulbs, if that doesn't work, troubleshoot the brake light switch.

Why would the parking brake light be on even though the parking brake is not on for a 2000 buick regal?

Check your Brake fluid. If the fluid is low then will make the Brake light go on. anothe thing is you might be needing new brakes soon..

Can a brake pedal malfunction make your brake lights not work?

Usually that would be caused by a faulty brake light switch connected TO the brake pedal. If the brakes work the pedal is probably ok.

Where can I get new brakes shoes for my brakes?

The best place to have your brakes replaced at would be Midas they would be able to replace both your brake shoes and even brake calibers if they need replaced.

What is the rubber portion of the brake is called?

if you are talking about brake as in like fourwheeler brakes or car brakes the rubber part would be called the brake pad

What would cause the brake light on the dash to come on in a 1995 gmc sierra?

IS it the BRAKE LIGHT or the Parking Brake Light? If it is the BRAKE LIGHT, then your pedal must be going down far enough to hit a sensor that sets off the brake light to tell you your brakes need serviced. Normally this means you are low on brake fluid. If you are low on brake fluid FIND OUT WHY! You may have excessive brake pad wear, or a leaking brake cylinder, or your master cylinder may be going out. If you keep pumping the brakes and then stand on it hard, feel for the pedal to eventually go soft, if it does, then normally the seals in the master cylinder are going out. If you pump the brakes and the pedal never gets hard, then you have a serious brake fluid leak. If the Parkign Brake light stays on, then your parking brake is not fully releasing, at least where the contacts are to remind you it is on. This can be adjusted.

Why would the driver brake light go out on a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee when you hit the brakes?

The circuit board/socket in the tail light has failed.

Why use air brake in heavy equipment?

Air brakes allow you to use less force when hitting the brakes. Heavy equipment takes a lot of force to make them stop and without the air brakes we would have to use a lot of strength in order to stop the vehicle.

Why is your brake light coming on in your 2011 dodge grand caravan?

Could be the brake fluid reservoir is low which would be telling you the brakes need attention. Could be parking brake not fully released

Why would an anti-lock brake light be on on a 2001 Oldsmobile alero?

because there is a problem with your anti-lock brakes

What would cause the brake light on a 2004 corolla to come on?

brake warning light on can mean your handbrake is engaged or that brake fuild is low. Those would be the first two easy things to check. If your brake fluid is low, you will need to keep a close eye on that, as you may have a leak and that can lead to a loss of your brakes.

What is wrong when the abs and brake light come on?

NEED BRAKE INSPECTION POSSIBLY NEW BRAKE PADS, Check brake fluid imediately. had a similar problem on a 1990 camry. brake fluid level was slightly low. when temperature outside would drop, applying brakes would lower level and brake light would come on. possibly caused by a small leak in brake line. filling brake fluid would fix, but would reappear a couple of months later. Have brake lines checked for leak.

Why would the brake lights stay on whenever the car is on even after you have replaced the brake light switch?

Out of adjustment. Adjust the mounting of the switch so the brakes lights are off until you press the brake pedal.

You have a 1990 toy Camry le when you step on the brakes the light light on dash comes on but you already replaced the bad build and all the light r workingwhats wrong?

When you say the "light on dash" I am assuming your brake warning light. This can be a number of things, not your brake lights. A quick easy check is your fluid level in your master cylinder. A low fluid level will the light come on. When you press your brakes, the fluid level will drop (fluid travelling to the four brakes), when you release the brake fluid is drawn back into the master cylinder. I would check that first.

What would cause the brake light to stay on unless the fuse is removed?

most probably because the brake light switch is stuck in the "on' position. The switch is most probably right under the dash on the drivers side connected to the brakes swing arm pedal.when you step on the brake,the arm moves and set the brake light on.