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Why would the Overdrive light remain on and flashing in a 1998 Ford Ranger XLT?

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These transmission are rear wheel drive 4 speed automatics, that are all computer controlled. Common reasons for the overdrive light flashing are the external sensors on the vehicle like the throttle position sensor or vehicle speed sensor quite often go bad, causing these symptoms. Always run a scanner first to see if a sensor is causing your problem.

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Overdrive light stays on in ford excursion?

overdrive light keeps flashing

My ford explorer limited 1995 overdrive off light keeps flashing you can turn the overdrive on and off but the light keeps flashing is there some way to turn it off?

The overdrive off light flashing - indicates a malfunction has been detected

Why is your overdrive light flashing on your shifter?

Because you turn on the light

What will fix the overdrive light from flashing between 1 and 2 gear shift?

what will fix the overdrive light from flashing in a 1996 mercury grand marquis its a gear ratio problem between 1 and 2 shift

2003 Crown Vic flashing overdrive light?

A malfunction has been detected

Why is your overdrive light flashing on my 02 expedition?

because it doesnt like you guys

Overdrive light off flashing in ford mustang 2000?

A malfunction has been detected

Why is the overdrive off light flashing in your 1999 Mercury Mystique?

A malfunction has been detected

How do you correct a flashing overdrive dash light on a Ford Crown Victoria 2001?

blinking overdrive light indicates a transmission problem. take car to a transmission mechanic

95 ford probe the overdrive blue light on the dash will NOT go off or re-set open start?

What can be the problem with the overdrive light flashing on and off?

Ford expedition overdrive light flashes?

There may be a reason why a Ford Expedition's overdrive light is flashing. Check the manual to see if there is a reason. If not, take your Ford to a mechanic.

Why does overdrive light keep flashing on 1997 ford F 250 diesel?

if overdrive light is flashing , take your vehicle to a transmission shop that light indicates a problem in the transmission do not ignore it to long or you will be calling a wreckr to come tow your vehicle as the transmission will quit i been there lol

The overdrive light started flashing on your 2004 crown vic?

That indicates that a malfunction has been detected

What does it mean when your Overdrive off light is flashing on a 2003 Ford Expedition?

According to the 2003 Ford Expedition owners manual : If your Overdrive Off light is flashing : " have your vehicle serviced as soon as possible otherwise damage to your transmission can occur " ( it might just be a sensor )

What does it mean when OD light flashes on Expedition?

A flashing overdrive light usually means there is a fault with the torque converter system.

2000 ford superduty over drive light flashing?

if the overdrive light is flashing, you have a problem in the transmission you need to take vehicle to a good transmission shop before you need to get towed in

1999 Crown Vic Flashing OverDrive light after engine miss?

Flashing overdrive light, or one that goes out and won't come back on means you need to have your transmission checked. I believe in a 99 they have a computer hook up they can use to see if they can figure out what is wrong with the transmission.

What does it mean when the Overdrive light is flashing and you have to ease up on gas to get it into gear 1995 explorer?

The overdrive off light will flash in your gauge cluster when a malfunction has been detected by the powertrain control module

How do you stop a ford explorer Flashing overdrive off light?

When the overdrive off light flashes it means the powertrain control module has "received" information of a transmission problem. Take it in to the dealer or other transmission repair professional, continuing to drive with the O/D OFF light flashing can result in damage to the transmission.

What is wrong with a 1999 Ford Expedition the overdrive light is blinking and the engine is making noise?

Usually a flashing Overdrive light on any Ford with an Automatic Overdrive is a sign of an internal failure. Seek the assistance of a qualified mechanic or transmission repair shop.

Your overdrive light is flashing on and off and you get a code po745 what does this mean?

When the overdrive off light flashes a malfunction has been detected in the operation of the automatic transmission code P0745 - pressure control solenoid " A " malfunction

What is difference between flashing and steady check engine light in 1999 ford ranger?

A flashing check engine light means an engine cylinder misfire has been detected

Why is your abs light flashing on your 1993 ford ranger and now I also have no lights on my speedometer?

If the ABS light is flashing it means the system is malfunctioning but still working. The dash light behind the speedometer is burnt out.

Why does overdrive light blink on my Ford Probe SE automatic after running out of gas if the overdrive works fine.?

The OD light flashing is an indicator of an electrical failure in the transmission. Get it fixed now or replace the tranny later.

Why does the overdrive light keep blinking on a 1996 Mazda 2300?

A flashing OD light means there is a problem with your transmission. Your truck should continue to operate, but without overdrive capability, have it checked out at a shop. Your Mazda Pickup is almost identical to the Ford Ranger and thus should have a Ford transmission, when there is a problem with the transmission the OD light with either come on or Flash and sometimes the Check Engine light with come on too depending on what is wrong with the tranny.