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Why would the Windows desktop not appear after a restart?

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I don't know if this is the definitive answer, but to get started: The computer would have to have had an instruction, whether intentional or otherwise, to not pull up Desktop, prior to it having been turned off. Remember changes don't go into effect until you start the computer.

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What best fits the reason why a computer would continuously restart without reaching the Windows Desktop?

The Automatic Restart on Systems Failure option is enabled

What icons appear on the desktop the first time you start Windows?

When I got a new Windows computer the first icons on the desktop where those of the factory-loaded programs. So I would assume that if there was no factory loaded programs nothing would appear!

How much does a new Windows XP desktop cost?

Windows XP desktops are no longer sold in new condition. One may find a used Windows XP desktop from websites such as eBay and Amazon from å£50 upwards. Prices vary depending on condition and specification of the desktop. If one wants a new Windows XP desktop then they would need to purchase a newer desktop and have the Windows XP running program added to the desktop.

Does Windows run as well on laptops as it does on a desktop?

Yes, Windows can be installed on laptops and works as well as it does on a desktop. It is the configuration of the machine which would determine what level of operating system can be used, so a laptop may have the capability while a lower end desktop may not.

You can not make a desktop icon appear on your desktop?

Why would you want to do that. just right click and go to arange icons by and then go to show desktop icons uncheck that dektop icond will hide

Why would your computer restart when you try to run regedit?

It might be a virus. Or perhaps windows has a missing component

Under what circumstance would windows system restore utility most likely be necessary?

restart the computer

What would you open from the Windows 2000 desktop to view a list of disk drives configured on the computer?

My Computer

How do you get animated online pictures to animate on your desktop background?

You cannot. Desktop is a single image which would cause problems if you made it animate. Windows 98 allowed you to disply the desktop as a web page, which allowed animation. Vista ultimate allows you to play an mpeg move on the desktop background. Windows 7 and Vista allows the use of gadgets which can be made to display animated images behind active windows. I believe windows 7 has the option to display background as a webpage too.

Disable automatic restart on system failure is an option available in the advanced start up menu in?

I am assuming that windows would usual restart on a particular instance, but with this option windows will not restart if a problematic occurs on the system. Maybe such as a blue screen of death. Safe thing to do is use this feature if have know some common issues with your system.

How can i use windows on iMac?

You can try to install Windows on a MAC, but it would be very difficult since Macs are not designed for windows. Their are some programs out their that you can buy that allow you to just run windows right from your Mac OSx desktop.

How can someone set up a remote desktop connection with Windows XP?

There are several steps for one to set up a remote desktop connection with WIndows XP. Remote desktop is a function that can only be set on Windows XP and Windows 2003. One may also make sure that one is logged on to the desktop as the administrator, in order to make changes on the desktop. The first step requires one to access the administrator account, once one have access the account, under the exception tabs, there would be a lists of programs and services. Apply the remote desktop option by ticking the box. Then confirm and permit remote desktop to connect with desktop by accessing the system properties. Once this step is completed, the remote connection feature can be activated, through the start menu.

How long does a windows vista take to boot up?

I would probably say for my fathers Windows Vista computer about 1-2 minutes going straight from off to the desktop.

How would you adjust the appearance of the desktop windows?

In older systems, right click the desktop and choose Properties. In newer systems, use Personalize. In either case, these options are located in the Control Panel.

Exact command you would use to perform an immediate restart of a Windows Server 2008 machine?

open run and type shutdown -r

What is the intended purpose of Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a free and open-source desktop operating system. It is designed to allow you to allow you to do the things you would normally do with a desktop, but without vendor lock-in like you would have on Windows, or even Mac OS X.

Can you use desktop applications on chrome os?

No, as it has no real operating system (os). If you do wish to run desktop applications, I would install windows 7 starter, as it has a small file size, but large capabilities.

What is desktop operating system?

Desktop Operating SystemA desktop operating system is one that is intended for a desktop computer (Unless you are a network administrator or something like that, you probably use a desktop computer.) These OSes usually come with things that one would probably use at a desk. For example, Windows sometimes comes with Microsoft Office pre-installed.

What is a sentence for restart?

all the students would have to restart their test

How would you change the screen resolution?

To change the screen resolution Windows 7 and older, right click on the desktop and select display to open the display properties. In here you will find the screen resolution settings. In Windows 8 and 8.1, right click on the traditional desktop and select screen resolution and follow the prompts.

When you switch on your computer your computer unwanted webpages appear automatically?

it may be trying to recover lots windows or tabs from a faulty shutdown or restart or you didnt save or something along that line, if not it may just be adware in which case you would want to get a anti virus and get rid of that as soon as possible.

Which is bettet a android cellphone or a Windows cellphone?

It depends on what you are used to. I recommend an Android if you've never owned a smart phone before. Or, if you have had previous Androids and are used to the concept. But, if you have a Windows 8 laptop or desktop, then i would say windows phone.

How would you create a folder on your desktop?

Click "File" on the bar at the top of the screen. A menu should appear and "New Folder" should be an option. Click that and a folder should pop up on your desktop. Good luck!

How do you clone laptop to desktop?

Easy and fast would be norton ghost, although the windows transfer agent doesn't work so bad

How would you delete a folder from windows explorer or your desktop?

Right click the folder then press delete or simply highlight and press delete on your keyboard.