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The compressor Low Level Switch has tripped because you need Freon, this will stop the compressor until the system is recharged. Also, you need to check for a leak in the system. Otherwise your compressor is bad.

Another idea: On the accumulator ( I think that's the what it's called) Silver unit under hood. There is a sensor plugged into it on the top. The part number for the one I Have is GM5246356. One I had was bad, and the A/C would not work. Replaced it and all set.

Another Possible AnswerOn top of your heater core there is an electrical connector that supplies power the the fan (blower) motor. If that's plugged in, use a test light to see if it has power on it. If not, your switch in the dash could be bad. If it does have power, it could be a bad blower motor.
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Q: Why would the air conditioner not blow on a 1995 S10 Blazer?
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