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There is a flat belt that moves the seatbelt holder. This belt has indentations on it that mate with a gear that is driven by the motor. Those indentations tend to wear out and cause the belt to not move or get stuck in the motor gearbox. The motor and gearbox are located at the lower end of the center collumn. If the belt is not moving through the gearbox it does not send the seatbelt holder all the way to the front of the car where a switch is located. If the switch is not activated the motor will not shut off. You need to replace the belt. I replaced the belt on my 93 villager and it is dam expensive about 50 to 80 dollars as I remember. I was mad about that but it was not available at an auto parts dealer and the Mercury dealer was my only choice. Good luck. I replaced twice the plastic pinion located on the electric motor. In both instances, the flat belt was good.

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Q: Why would the automatic seat belt on a 1995 Mercury Villager not move the sealt belt but the motor keeps going and will not shut off?
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