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Take the toilet off and check the WAX RING..replace the wax ring

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When using a wallmount toilet in the basement can the drain pipe run at floor level?

That would make for an awfully low toilet.

Why would waste and toilet paper back up in basement floor drain when toilet upstairs is flushed?

Most Likely, your pipes are all hooked up in the same system. all the pipes travel to the basement most likely.

Why would a sewer smell be coming from my bathroom Some of the smell went away after the toilet backed up and I snaked it?

You may need to replace the wax seal under the toilet.

What would cause a basement toilet to overflow clear water on its own and what do you need to check?

That would be your flush valve in the tank

How can you tell if you have a skunk living under your house?

It would smell in your basement if there was a skunk under your house.

Why would a basement toilet overflow without flushing?

The toilet is the lowest point, fluids seeks the lowest level, other sewage is coming up through your basement toilet. The system might be installed wrong or there is a blockage in some discharge pipes. Call a plumber, it can be really bad, when I was a kid we had our whole basement flooded with two feet of raw sewage after a big rain storm.

How many rolls of toilet paper would an acre of hemp produce?


Can you change a basement toilet line into a floor drain?

Yes... is the short answer. The toilet has a trap in itself. You would have to be able to break out the floor and put a P trap in the existing line

Is a toilet a bad thing to use?

Would you rather poop on your bedroom floor and have to smell it and step in it?

Why would you smell burning oil?

Oil that has somehow gotten onto the manifold of the engine will produce this smell. Any oil leak in and around the engine will produce this.

What is a clue that the basement is sometimes wet?

The musty smell of moisture and possible water marks would indicate that there is a problem with water.

What would cause a sewer smell to fill the basement when there is no noticeable leak in the toilet piping?

Do you have a sink or basin in your basement? If so, and it has not been used in quite a while, the water in the "S" pipe could have evaporated, allowing odors from your septic system to come up through the pipes. That is the purpose of all drain pipes having the "S" shape. Many codes do not allow an S trap as it can lose its seal quite easily. One cause for the smell besides trap seal loss which would be very visible in a toilet would be that the wax gasket has deteriorated, and needs to be replaced. Also, check for any floor drains as the P trap or running trap could have trap seal loss.

Can a basement floor drain be tapped into to run the drain from a nearby newly installed basement toilet into it?

If you just plan on putting the toilet on top of the floor drain the answer is no. The floor drain if it leads to a septic system or city sewer would have a trap in the line which will not work with a toilet. Depending on the size of the pipe 3" minimum you could cut the floor and tie a toilet into the line. It would also have to be properly vented. I would consult a plumber on the job. Its also possible that the floor drain just goes to a dry well which could not be used. Even if it could not be used there are other ways to install a toilet below the septic or sewer line.

When flushing toilet upstairs toilet in basement overflows from bottom onto basement floor?

There is a blockage in the waste line. Have you flushed the basement toilet to see what happens? Try running the upstairs shower and see what happens. (use two persons , one up stairs, one downstairs so you can control the amount of water that rises in the toilet.) There should be a "clean out" cap somewhere downstairs near the point where the waste line exits the house. It is here that one would "snake" the line. The other possibility is the water level in the downstairs toilet is lower than the level of the waste line exit. This means that the point of exit of the line is physically higher than the toilet. The only remedy for this is to raise the toilet to above the height or replumb the toilet into a waste pump that evacuates upwards to a point slightly higher than the waste line. This is the most common set-up in a "basement" toilet. The toilet evacuates into a point lower than the floor. The waste pump or grinder pump then pumps the waste upwards than gravity allows it to evacuate normally. The benefit is that the waste pump creates a separate system for the basement toilet. Y-THINK-Y

Would frozen Ribs left out overnight to thaw in unheated basement spoil?

not if they're still cold to the touch. rinse wel and smell the meat before cooking. That will depend on the temperature of the unheated basement. If the basement is as cold as a refrigerator, then they'd be OK. If the basement is warmer than a fridge, then the ribs could have spoiled are not OK.

If you leave an apple in the toilet for 3 days does it start to smell?

I would think if you leave an apple anywhere for 3 days it may begin to smell. - I usually keep my apples in the fridge.

Do ants produce digestive gases because red ants have a distinctive smell to them?

Who would know that?

Why would homemade soup fizz and smell?

It would fizz and smell because of microbial growth. The soup is spoiling. Yeast and some bacteria produce gas as waste products of their metabolism.

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Hopefully after she used it, especially after doing number two's, otherwise the smell would have stunk out her attic and the whole family would have had to suffer.

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