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It sounds like a parastic draw. Meaning there is a "parasite" or somthing that is taking elctricity when it shouldn't, away from the battery. Like a dome light or a circuit that is normally shut down when the car is off, but the circuit still draw energy.

For me, it was the boot light not shutting off and that drained the power out of the battery overnight. I am fortunate that I can fold down my back seat to check this, not sure how to check in a normal sedan though.

If you cannot find the source of the drain yourself I guess a trip the autoelectrician is in order?

Good luck. JO

This can be pretty easily tracked down. Disconnnect your negative cable from the battery, place a test light or multimeter between them & check for amperage. Start pulling fuses & putting them back in, as soon as the light goes out or the amperage drops you have found your bad circuit, you can then find the exact source from there. Also try pulling bulbs and harness connectors if none of the fuses makes the light go out.


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Q: Why would the battery die when the car is not running?
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Will a car running hot cause battery to die?

No, that will have no effect on the battery.

Why would your car just die while running?

Its battery could die and the engine would stop running. Or a cable plug could have been unplugged and the car would stop, the only real reason it would do this is that the car would hit a large bump or halt at a sudden stop.

What can make a car battery die when running?

It sounds like the alternator is bad. If the alternator is bad the battery will not hold charge when running

Why does battery die when the car is not running?

u might of left the frickin light on

Can a cigarette lighter drain the car battery if the car is on?

If the car is on (Ignition is on, engine is running) then no. Nothing should drain the battery when the car is running, there is a device called an alternator with a belt that usually goes around the crankshaft that transforms the mechanical energy into electrical energy. As long as you have the car running, the battery should not die. If so, you have a mechanical problem.

if your car battery has a dead cell will it die while idling?

As long as your car engine is running, it should be OK. An exhausted battery will only become a problem when you try to start the car.

Would a bad alternator cause a car to die while driving?

If the alternator fails, it is no longer keeping the battery charged and your engine is running on nothing but battery power. Once the battery runs down, your engine will no longer run.

Why after you replace a car battery would the car try to die when applying the brakes?

Perhaps the alternator is not keeping the battery charged properly Check the output of the alternator with a voltmeter a fully charged battery should read approx. 12.8 volts without the engine running With the engine running readings should go to approx. 13.8-14.2 volts

Why did my 99 Cougar die going down highway turn key and have nothing?

your alternator may have went out so the car was running on the battery, once the battery died..... so did the car.

Why would your car stop running while driving and all electricity die?

The easiest answer to this question would be that both your gas ran out and your battery died. Another possibility is a blown alternator, this is the device that turns your engines power into electricity, and charges your battery. Car cannot run without.

Can a bad battery make car die?

Yes. However the alternator may also be bad as it will usually keep the car running once started. The primary duty of the battery is to start the car, and then supply reserve power if needed.

Why does battery die when your truck is running?

Your alternator is not recharging the battery and is defective.

On a Ford Taurus if there is a bad alternator or not will the car DIE WHEN I REMOVE THE BATTERY CABLE?

You will destroy the voltage regulator if you unplug the battery while it is running, then you will have to replace the alternator anyways.

Why would your battery die as soon as you try to start the car?

Most likely a weak or dead battery. Replace and get your alternator tested. If you have a voltmeter check by placing both probes across the battery and you should have about 14 volts while running or 12.6 with no load, and engine off.

What is wrong with your car if your voltage light comes on and it sputters then tries to die when you hit about 15 mph?

Sounds like the car is running off of battery power and the battery is very low on charge. The charging system has failed.

What is the importance of alternator?

An alternator is the part of an automobile that generates the power to run the radio, headlights, speakers, and air conditioning as well as any other electronic component in the car while the engine is running. This is different from when the engine is not running. When the engine is not running, the 12 Volt car battery operates these electronics. Unfortunately, every battery will die eventually, so the alternator also recharges the battery while the engine is running. This is a slow process, though. But unless the battery is charged, the engine usually can't ever be started.

Can wrong spark plug wire cause a car to die or drain battery?

The wrong spark plug wire(s) can cause engine problems including not running but won't drain the battery.

What happens when you leave your vehicle running for 4 hours?

unless your car already had a problem your just going to waste a lot of gas and its battery will die.

Why does the battery light flicker and the car feels like it will die but it doesn't?

If the battery light flickers, it's losing voltage. It would be worse when the lights and other accessories are running. It just may not be enough to kill it yet. I would suspect parts in this order. Alternator(if there is a voltage guage, should be around 13-14 volts) discharged battery

Why would the battery on a 2006 Ford Mustang die while driving?

The alternator is not working properly. Your car will still run off the battery for a little while then when the battery dies the car dies. Check the alternator or take it to autozone and they will check it for you.

Can you car battery die while you are driving?

If the battery dies with the car running usually the alternator will be able to keep up, but the malfunction indicator will light up. Some models will say something like check gauges. You alternator or voltmeter will go real high. If the car is completely dying then the alternator is failing or you have bad or loose battery connections.

What are the symptoms of car alternator problems?

Symptoms: Besides having a dead battery.......... If you charge or jumpstart your vehice's battery and successfully get it running to only have it mysteriously die and have no lights, radio, etc.; it is probably you alternator. If your vehicle will run constantly on it's own, but will not start after shutting it off, it could be your battery. If your battery will hold a charge on it's own, but goes dead a while after you start and run your vehicle, it is probably your alternator. Or, if you can get it running, it should have an alternator light that will come on when there is a problem. I would almost bet your car has one... my 1970 ford does.

Why would a 1995 Chevy Corsica with a brand new battery still die overnight?

Something is on pulling power from the battery. Can be any light on the car or a stuck relay.

Why does battery die when car is idle?

Something causes a slow drain on your battery. As it does, your battery slowly discharges. If you know that your car will be not used for several months, you might try disconnecting on of the battery terminals.

What happen to a car when it stays on the whole night?

Depends if you have the ignition running or just the say you left the lights on. If you just left the ignition on all night nothing will happen except just running out of fuel. If you left your lights on without ignition running your battery will die.