Why would the battery light come on and off while shifting through gears in your 93 escort?

I'm not familiar with your vehicle, but have to assume that "shifting through gears" means you have a manual transmission. If that is the case, then I suspect that the "battery light" coming on occurs WHILE the engine has dropped back to IDLE. The charge indicator light is designed to alert the driver that more electricity is being drawn from the battery than the charging system is able to put into the battery. The electrical output of the alternator is proportional [at lower rpm] to the speed that the alternator is turning. The condition you describe suggests a couple of possible causes: 1. That the IDLE SPEED of your engine is set TOO LOW [USUALLY, and PROBABLY, the most likely cause] or 2. For some reason the output from the alternator is weak [very unlikely]. I suggest that you have your vehicle's charging system checked out by a QUALIFIED mechanic or autmotive electrical technician. The correction may require no more than an ADJUSTMENT of the IDLE SPEED. j3h.