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Why would the blower fan on a 1997 Nissan Altima only works on level 4 the highest level?


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2004-10-01 09:59:38
2004-10-01 09:59:38

There is a resistor packon the evaporator case and it may be burned out. Have someone look at it.


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Have you checked the fluid level? Have you changed the filter and fluid as normal maintenance?

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approx. 4 quarts, i usually put 3.5 then add as necessary to get the proper level.

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On models 1996 onwards (this might also apply to earlier models), there are vertical and horizontal alignment screws on the front part of the engine compartment. The position of these alignment screws, and the associated water level indicators that you can use to align the headlights are illustrated in the Nissan Altima Owner's Manual, which can be downloaded for free from Nissan's website at:

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