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Why would the car cut off when the air conditioner is on?

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First blush guess: the compressor is siezed, so that the engine can't turn it. If you rev up the engine a bit before you turn it on, you might find that the engine will load, but not die, and the belt will slip/squeal/smoke.

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What reasons would cause your home air conditioner unit to cut off?

no electricity

Why would a car air conditioner make a clicking sound It makes it intermittenly. The compressor will cut on and off a lot and it makes a clicking sound when it's on?

It is low on freon.

How many BTU's do I need in a window air conditioner for a room that is 8 foot x 10 foot?

The smallest air conditioner you can find would be appropriate.You'll probably have to cut it on and off too.

Why does your air conditioner smell like onions?

if u would have noticed the onion smell comes only when you cut onions .

Why does your home air conditioner have cool air then stops and has no water dripping from it?

When you are running your air conditioner and it stops then the air conditioner is froze up. You have to cut it off for a while, and let it warm up. You have to turn the thermometer between 70-75 to keep it from freezing up.

How do you install window air conditioner?

you have to cut the window and use glue and duck tape to hold it

Can you just cut the lines and the electrical cords on a five ton air conditioner unit?

You wont be happy if you do.

How do you install a window air conditioner in a wall?

seriously? you cut a hole in the wall.Try not to hit any pipes or wires.

Can you install a window air conditioner with no window?

With a little skill and knowledge you cut a hole through an out-side wall.

Why does your battery gauge go down when you cut your air conditioner on?

The engine has to power the air conditioner pump, so less revs are made resulting in less revs for the alternator, resulting in less volts so your gauge drops a little

Why do sports car have a sharpened front end?

To improve aerodynamics and allow the car to cut through the air.

Can a portable air conditioner be vented through a fireplace flu and chimney?

Yes, this is a great way to exhaust a single hose portable air conditioner. You would simply need to adapt the hose connections to the front of your fireplace. I have seen an installation where the front of the fireplace was sealed with a piece of plexiglas. The plexiglas had been custom cut to fit the portable AC's fittings.

What is a st cut relay?

On a Toyota Landcruiser, it cuts power to the air-conditioner compressors's magnetic clutch when the starter is engaged (cranking engine)

What makes a car aerodynamics?

its ability to cut through the air with minimal friction.

Is there such a thing as an over-the-range air conditioner?

There are not any air conditioning units made specifically for "over-the-range". The best choice would be to purchase a small air conditioning unit and put it in the top portion of your window or cut a hole in the dry wall to install it above the range.

Why would a '96 Buick Park Ave air conditioner blower cut out for a few seconds when accelerating?

Under the hood there is a vacuum tank that lookslike a big black ball and it is supposed to have a check valve to keep it from doing this. You can just get a one wy check valve and install it in the vac line going into the car.

Why would lights clicker and go deem when car wants to cut off the car is an 1985 Chevy cavalier?

Why would lights clicker and go deem when car wants to cut off the car is an 1985 Chevy cavalier?

What would cause your car to cut off while driving?

What would cause my VW golf to cut out whist driving

Car will not start makes ticking noise?

when i cut my car off and cut it back on its makes a ticking sounds, then i would have to get a jump then it would fire right up> we just go an 02 censor put on the car.

Would bad coils make a car cut out?


How do you install a portable air conditioner into a casement window?

There are no portable air conditioner units with a window kit that will work for a casement window. Some customers have fashioned a solution using plexiglas to cover their entire window area and then have a small hole cut into the plexiglas for the hot air discharge hose. No solution is provided "out of the box" but some customers have fashioned their own.

Why would a fan motor on a car cut in and out?

it depends on the car, but its usually a bad connection in the wires

Why does your car cut off when you turn on ac?

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Why would a car vibrate and cut out when slowing down?

push in the clutch

Can you open a window while air conditioner is on?

This is possible, but there's not much point to it. Instead of conditioning the air of the room you're in, you're starting to condition the air of the outside world as well, resulting in the room you're in getting warmer. If you want the room to be warmer, increase the temperature set on the air conditioner instead. Not only will this cut down the cost of your electric bill, but it is also more environmentally friendly.