Why would the car shut off every time you brake?

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Check for vac. leaks, possibly the vac hose on the cruise switch at the brake pedal.
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Why would the Starter keep running after car is shut off?

Overheating. Answer- The starter either has a bad solenoid or the ignition switch is not opening the connection when turned off. The only way to check that would be to d

What would make a car shut off when you make a turn?

The following reasons will be applicable as per the severity: 1.Power steering pressure switch / sensor failure. 2.Low fuel level which results in air-lock in case of diesel

Why would rear parking and brake lights stay on when the car is shut off?

There are two or more faults at work here depending on the car. If your car has a relay that runs brake lights or Tail lights one or both could be bad. OR If your car has thes