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The cicuit braker should only trip when there is too much current running through it. Check to see what the braker is rated for (maybe 10 or 15 amps). Then take stock of what equipment is in that circuit (maybe a couple of lights?) and estimate how many amps the circuit should be drawing (maybe two or three). If there aren't a million lights plugged in to this circuit then chances are the light fixture in question is shorting out when you turn it on.

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Q: Why would the circuit breaker short when a multilight lamp on the end of a run with a pull chain switch is turned on?
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What could be the problem if a breaker trips when the light is turned off?

A short circuit in the wiring or in the switch.

What is an air circuit breakers?

circuit breaker is a switch that turned off when there is a short circuitAnswerAn air circuit breaker is a high-voltage circuit breaker whose tripping and closing mechanisms are (usually) operated pneumatically, and whose arc is extinguished by a blast of air -hence the alternative name 'air-blast circuit breaker'.

Can a Circuit breaker be used as a Switch?

Yes a circuit breaker is a switch but it should not be used as a switch. The continuous turning off and on of a breaker weakens the internal mechanism and reduces the tripping value of the breaker. There is in the marketplace breakers that are designed to be used as switches. These are usually used in large warehouses where the lights are turned on in the morning and shut off at night. Using these specifically designed breakers for switches does not wear out the tripping mechanism or reduce the tripping value. <<>> A circuit breaker can be used as a switch, although in most cases there are less expensive switches you can use.

How do you de-energize a circuit?

To de-energize a circuit, the voltage has to be cut off at the source. This is usually done with a disconnect switch which is located just before the circuit's load. Turning off the breaker on a distribution panel will de-energize the circuit it is feeding. To make sure that the voltage can not be turned back on when work is being done on the circuit, the switch or breaker must have a lock off device to prevent the circuit from being turned on, except by the person that locked the circuit off.

Could a bad circuit breaker light switch or plug outlet cause the bedroom light to flicker when turned on?

Yes a bad circuit breaker and a bad light switch can cause a light to flicker when its turned on. It could also be caused by loose wiring going or coming from that paticular circuit. it also could be something in the fixture itself causing. Checking for loose connections is your cheapest and first route to go.

When a switch in an electrical circuit is turned off what will happen?

The current to the circuit's load will stop when a switch in an electrical circuit is opened.

Why did electricity along the line go out when switch was turned on?

Bad switch or a short and tripped the breaker.

What happened when you turned on the switch of the light?

A switch is placed in an electrical circuit in order to place a gap when the switch is off, so the circuit is broken. When the switch is on, the circuit is complete and the electricity can flow round the circuit.

A circuit with a switch turned to the Off position or a circuit with any break is called?

a closed circuit

Why do the headlights of a 1991 ford explorer go off and on when turned on?

The headlight circuit is protected by a self-resetting circuit breaker. Something in the circuit is drawing too much power and the breaker is cycling on and off.

What is the difference if a switch is before or after a bulb in a circuit?

It is a safety concern. With the switch before the bulb, the bulb is completely isolated from the potential source when the switch is turned off. With the switch behind the bulb, even if the switch is turned off, the potential source is still at the bulb. If any of these lamp holder parts touch the ground when removing the bulb the circuit will short out and trip the breaker. If you are grounded and touch any of the lamp holder parts you will get a nasty shock.

What happens when you switch the light switch on or off?

When the light switch is turned on and a light bulb is connected in the circuit a current will flow through the circuit. Likewise when the switch is opened, the current will stop flowing in the circuit.

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