Why would the cooling fan of a 1991 Capri not come on?

First of all, perhaps the temps are not getting hot enough for the fan to operate. Is the thermostat stuck open all the time? Does the heater work properly? Simple test to ensure proper operation of the coolant sending unit for the fan: turn the ign. key to the power on position...Not start, but just power up the system until your dash... air bag/batt lights come on. pop the hood latch...open and secure. with the power still on remove the small wire connector that attaches to the coolant thermostat housing sending unit. This wire will be green in color with a small red line on it. The cooling fan motor should turn on with this wire disconnected from the sending unit. If you get a no fan operation after the disconnect...the culprit may be the fan itself or ? Need more info. to properly diognose this issue.