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The entire dash electrical pod as an assembly may be loose . I would take it out and inspect it and the contacts where it plugs in.

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Q: Why would the dash cluster lights on a 2002 Chevy Suburban start flashing and the speedometer tachometer and gauges only work intermittantly?
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Why is your abs light flashing on your 1993 ford ranger and now I also have no lights on my speedometer?

If the ABS light is flashing it means the system is malfunctioning but still working. The dash light behind the speedometer is burnt out.

What does the flashing red light on top the tachometer mean when the MINI is off and locked?

It means your alarm is armed

Replacing speedometer cable on a 1964 Thunderbird?

Drive as fast as you can and ignore the flashing lights behind you!

If the Sports light is flashing and speedometer is not working this a 1991 Honda Accord?

Sounds like you need a speed sonsor

Why would d4 light be flashing on a 1991 Acura Legend?

speed sensor is out or is going out. your speedometer is out too right?

D4 light flashing?

A flashing D4 light on Honda Accords is commonly the result of a bad speed sensor. The speed sensor is located on the transmission and sends a signal to the speedometer and a signal telling the transmission when to shift.

What does it mean when your speedometer odometer dome light lost all power at the same time Also overdrive off light is flashing Ford F150?

You're screwed

Why is my 1999 suburban 4 wheel drive light flashing instead of ingaging?

Could be several reasons. Start with having the codes read. The codes will guide you towards the cause.

How do you reset the security light on a suburban?

You can do it with a scanner. Usually when the security light is flashing it means there is a problem with the passlock system. Dealer item and about $500.00-$700.00 to replace parts & reprogram.

Change speedometer cluster on Pontiac sunfire engine theft light flashes wont start?

turn key to on position ,but do not try to start until antitheft light quites flashing. It may take 5 to 10 minutes. When antitheft light quites flashing you should be able to start your car. If not repeat the procedure.

How do you fix a acura integra 1990 4 door sedan that has transmission slips a non working sunroof noncool ac and s3 is flashing on?

The s3 light coulb be your speedometer cable if it is not working mine did that i hope this works.

What are signs of bad ecm computer on1990 Chevy?

There are a number of signs that become apparent when an ECM computer on a 1990 Chevy is going bad. The top signs include a non-functioning speedometer and flashing codes on the dash.

How can you reset the speedometer on the Dodge Grand Caravan?

With the key in the off position, hold down the trip odometer reset button until the dash lights start flashing. When it is all done start the car, and see if it reset.

Your 96 Ford contour drops out of overdrive and the OD light starts flashing when you drive over 100KM and then 1st and 2nd gear have rough shift for a short time after?

TCC solenoid is shot. I am also assuming your speedometer is no longer working? Good luck

Would the speedometer not working cause the blinking s to flash on a 1991 prelude?

Yes, yes it would. and if you pull down the inspection flap on the passenger floorboard under the glovebox you will the the righthand indicator light flashing a code 17, denoting the vss is faulty.

What could be wrong if the speedometer is not working on a 2001 Mazda Protege and the check engine light is on and also the overdrive off light is flashing?

My knee-jerk answer would be a TCM (Transmission Control Module) problem, but have a shop hook up a scan tool and they can tell you what is wrong.

Why would the speedometer and cruise control stop working the same time as the OD light began flashing on my 1996 Mystic?

Your speed sensor probably broke and needs to be replaced. If the car can't determine it's speed, then it may automatically disable the cruise control.

What does a flashing S light mean on a 1991 Honda Accord and is it related to the fact the speedometer does not work?

Transmission problem. Yes it is related to the speedometer not working. VSS sensor may be bad. Have the transmission computer scanned. I had a flshing s light for a long time, while my spedometer worked fine, the car had trouble starting. I replaced the main relay under the dash and haven't had a prob since. I had the same problem with my 91 accord turned out to be the alternator. The "S" light was malfunctioning along with the speedometer and Tach. While the light stayed on, the tach and speedo where intermittent problems.

How much is it to fix the speedometer on a Honda accord ex?

auto-zone sells part for 89.95 and seen on line for 39 and up ,its called ignition management system it is located on passenger side behind the engine block , it was hard to get to and there is little pin that has to be inserted correctly. symptoms were no speedometer or trip meter and odometer readings then it would shift out of overdrive and d4 light flashing for 1 minute and then check engine light would come previous symptoms sporadic speedometer needle bouncing up and down. job took 3 hrs approx.

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What will cause the check engine light to flash on a 1997 suburban?

The control module is trying to tell you something is wrong. If the light is steadily flashing you need to drive it to a dealer pronto. They will read any codes and hopefully be able to tell you what's wrong. A steady light is just a warning that something needs fixed but not right away. A flashing light needs fixed now.

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