Why would the emergency brake light and audible signal come on during a hard right turn in a 2002 KIA Sedona?


Top up the master brake cylinder fluid. The catch is that when you top it up, it overflows because the small filter below drains slowly leading you to think it is full. Make sure you look for the "Full" mark on the side. I thought I had top it up and I hadn't, hence light kept coming back on and the warning kept driving me crazy.

== == == == == == == == Check your brake fluid level! On my 2003 Sedona the brake light only came on when I entered a hard "right" and would go off coming out of the turn. If the fluid level is low, a hard right turn will be enough to activate the sensor. Top off your fluid level according to specs, with clean DOT 3 or DOT 4, and it should stop. Ray First Method... Look under the dash on the emergency brake mechanism. There's a little white plastic button with a spring on it. When you activate your emergency brake the white button is pressed. That little white button is just too sensitive. A hard right turn will create enough gravity to depress the button causing the alert and dash light to activate. Disconnect it. The light won't ever come on again. I had the same problen with a 2003 Sedona. IMO...If my emergency brake is on I should know it. I don't need an indicator that the break is on. Second method.... Just wait awhile. If it's like everything else on the Sedona it will stop working all by itself soon enough. -Sean