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water may be leaking in from firewall or windshield area and ending up on floor, has happened to about 4 j body's that i know of... floor drains may also be plugged...

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โˆ™ 2005-03-30 20:04:32
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Q: Why would the floor boards of a 1990 Z24 Cavalier have standing water after a rain if there is no apparent leaking anywhere?
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How do you stop 1996 Chevy Cavalier Z24 from leaking antifreeze?

fix it

How do you know if heater core is out on Chevy Cavalier?

its leaking under the car around where the dash is

Coolant leaking from spout on firewall on a 1995 cavalier?

You probably have a bad heater core. The heater core is installed in a plastic casing and the spout is there in case it starts leaking. This keeps it from leaking into the floor of the car.

How do you repair a sunroof in cavalier?

The sunroof on a Chevy Cavalier can often be repaired by replacing the outer seal. This prevents rain from leaking into the vehicle and causing additional problems.

Where can you find an engine diagram for a 1999 Chevy cavalier z24?

water leaking uper engin

How do you fix a gas leaking on my cavalier?

take it to a mechanic, a gas leak is nothing you want to mess with.

Why do I have Standing water at outside spigot?

Its possibly leaking somewhere, get it checked out by a plumber

Your 1997 silverado is leaking freon where can it be leaking?

Freon could be leaking anywhere in the ac system. A colored dye can be added to the system, then seen with a special light to find the leak.

I have a 93 Chevy cavalier and the rubber elbow connected through firewall is leaking antifreeze Should it be capped off or is this a leaking damaged or clogged heater core?

heater core leaks

What does the water spigot represent on a 1997 cavalier dashboard?

i think it means it needs an oil change or something might be leaking in the engine

If there is oil all over the rubber spark plug connectors in a 2001 Cavalier where could it be coming from?

Leaking valve cover gasket.

What does butt cheese mean?

It means like the smell of sweaty butt leaking on to anywhere you sit.

Your Tahoe is leaking coolant?

My 97 Tahoe was leaking coolant and I couldn't find anything on the driveway or anywhere else. I took it to my mechanic and it was a rear manifold gasket leak, cost me about 500 dollars.

Why would a 1997 Chevy cavalier leak coolant?

Leaking radiator radiator hose head gasket water pump Heater core thermostat housing

94 Buick century leaking water change pump and thermo but still leaking?

Leaking or loosing coolant? If it is leaking then where is the leak? If it is just loosing coolant with no apparent leak, then you more than likely have a blown head gasket or cracked head. If there is coolant in the oil, or white sweet smelling smoke coming from the exhaust you definitely have an internal problem. Serious engine damage will occur if you continue to drive this vehicle.

Chevy Cavalier leaking coolant along firewall coming out of an elbow unsure if this is a sign of a leaking heater core or if this hose is supposed to be connected to something?

The coolant sounds like it is leaking from the drain hole for the heater core. The drain is usually along the firewall and keeps the coolant from entering the vehicle should the heater core develop a leak.

94 cavalier wagon - what causes a power steering leak and is there any way of fixing without replacing pinion?

where is it leaking from, the rack? if so no choice REPLACE RACK UNIT

What would cause loss of clutch fluid with no signs of leakage on a 1999 Chevy cavalier?

It is either leaking down the inside of your firewall under the dash (master cylinder) or leaking just enough inside the trasnmission bell housing to not puddle and be thrown around by the clutch spinning (slave cylinder).

Why is your 90 VW Passat leaking small drops of radiator fluid?

It could be water pump, leaky radiator, hoses, head gasket, or just about anywhere else that the coolant circulates. You'll need to get under and find out where it's leaking.

Your 95 Chevy cavalier overheated and now it won't start you have spark and fuel and heads and gasket are fine?

If a 1995 Chevy Cavalier overheated and will not start, try checking some of the sensors near the radiator. The radiator could be leaking which caused the overheating, and in turn, caused a sensor to get wet in the engine compartment.

How can you fix a 1991 Chevy Cavalier that has been missing while driving?

leaking spark plug wires can do it and also a clogged fuel filter. it could have a bad spark plug or a bad spark plug wire a bad coil pack or ecsesive oil leaking past the valve seal and its fouling a plug

What would cause the fuel system on your 3.1 cavalier not to hold pressure when not running?

The fuel pressure regulator is bad, one or more fuel injectors is leaking or the check valve in the fuel pump is faulty.

What would cause a cylinder one misfire in a 2001 chevy cavalier?

Bad spark plug or plug wire or one or both valves leaking or stuck. Time for a compression check or spark check.

How do you see if Water pump is leaking on 3.1 liter Pontiac grand am V6?

I added a yellow food colouring to the radiator and ran the engine. the leak was very apparent but I found out that mine was leaking at the water pump shaft and that made the leak very hard to find. Hope this helps. Yours truly A.G. Head

Why is the clutch on a 1994 Chevy Cavalier not working?

Most of the time it is because of a bad slave cylinder that does not hold pressre or is leaking. They use brake fluid and to check them look at the CLUTCH MASTER CYLINDER near the firewall.