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i replaced the head unit and the fuse stoped blowing.

2005-07-21 09:49:27
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How do you listen to bbc radio 6 music on a digital radio?

what settings on my digital radio will trasmit bbc radio 6

What is origin of roberts digital radio?

Roberts digital radio was established in Britain in 1932. It was an extremely popular and very unique digital radio way ahead of its time. One can still find a Roberts Digital Radio in the Queen of England's Palace.

When was RTÉ Digital Radio Sport created?

RTÉ Digital Radio Sport was created in 2007.

What are the advantages of a digital radio over an analog radio?

The advantages of digital radio over analog radio are digital radios get more channels than analog, they are clearer in sound and signal and have more additional features.

Will am radio still be available after tv go's digital?

TV going digital has nothing to do with AM radio. AM & FM radio will remain the same.

What does DAB radio mean?

DAB in the context of radio means "Digital Audio Broadcasting". It is a digital radio broadcasting technology used particularly in Europe.

When was RTÉ Digital Radio News created?

RTÉ Digital Radio News was created on 2007-05-30.

When were digital radios invented?

The radio has gone through many changes including a switch from analog to digital. The first digital radio was invented in the late 1960s.

Is radio a digital computer?

-- The principles of radio were developed by Maxwell in the 1870s and Hertz in the 1880s,followed by Marconi and DeForest in the 1890s and 1900s.-- The first full-time radio station, KDKA in Pittsburgh, began broadcasting in 1920.-- The principles of digital computing were developed by Turing in the late 1930s.-- DAB radio (Digital Audio Broadcasting) was developed in the 1980's as European project. The first regular digital transmission was made in 1995 in Norway. The BBC radio is in digital format since 2001.So in answer to your question. All radios are notdigital computers. But if you have a DAB radio or a Satellite radio, they will have digital computers inside them, to decode the digital signal.

Where can one purchase a digital radio?

You can purchase a digital radio at certain websites like ukdigitalradios or most of the time you don't even have to purchase digital radios since they are free.

Where can one purchase a digital clock radio?

You can purchase a digital clock radio online from stores such as Best Buy. Alternatively, you can purchase digital clock radios from retailers such as Amazon.

What is the dab radio and what is it famous for?

It is digital radio technology used in several countries. It is famous for being digital. Many stations use it.

When was Real Radio XS - Digital - created?

Real Radio XS - Digital - was created on 2008-04-01.

What are some popular digital radios in Canada?

There are several popular digital radio stations in Canada such as such as CBC Digital Radio, news outlets as well as many pop and classic rock stations.

When was the digital satellite radio invented?


Why doesn't Digital radio hold station?

The digital radio does not hold the stations because the frequencies of the stations keep changing from one frequency to another.

What is the Lincoln Town Car radio wiring color codes?

I need the color diagram for which wire is which on the radio for a 2010100 lincoln towncar

Will the analog to digital TV change affect TV band radio?

Yes. Your TV band radio will no longer work. You would need to have a radio with a tuner capable of picking up the new digital TV format. I don't know of any such product currently on the market. Digital radio (marketed under the name HD Radio) is a completely different technology.

What is the difference between podcasting and older medium of radio?

Analog radio was broadcast from a studio out to listeners for a certain distance. Digital Radio is similar in what is broadcast but the quality of signal is better with Digital then analog. Podcasting is done over the Internet and is a rebroadcast of radio

Does Radio Shack sell digital antennaes?

Radio Shack does offer antennas that can be used for digital TVs. You can view more about this at

Are CB radio digital?

Not all CB radios are digital here is a list that are COBRA DIGITAL 29 LX CHR LE LX Platform,New Cobra 29 LX CB Radio andCobra COBRA DIGITAL 29 LX B Classic.

What came first digital radio or downloading music?

I'm pretty sure is the radio. :P

How many radio stations now broadcast a digital radio signal?

Type your answer here... 4000

How does one listen to BBC radio 3?

You can listen to BBC radio 3 on your digital radio or on your digital tv. You can also listen to BBC radio 3 on your mp3 player as well as online. Many of these options will allow you to download previously aired programs.

3 How is digital radio different than the types of radio that came before It?

The way the signal is transmitted and processed. FM radios are transmitted via signal generators and amplifiers on the ground while digital radio like Sirius or AM are transmitted via satellites. The digital signals are sent in packets vs. lower frequency radio waves.