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the plastic needle in the dash or the colum is broken either the collar that goes around the steering column is loose or broke-The clip that holdes the string has come off - OR the string is Broke.Not liely that the needle fell off.

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โˆ™ 2004-10-18 20:22:04
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Q: Why would the gear indicator on the dash of an 89 Silverado not move?
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Dash gear indicator light stays on?

Short in dash cluster is common on mazda tribute

Where is the neutral safety switch for a '95 Chevrolet silverado with 350 engine?

It is mounted on drivers side of transmission under the transmission gear shift linkage. It has a single connector on it and it is also used to control the shift position indicator on the dash (so you know what gear you have selected. Make sure you plug the connector in all the way till it snaps in place or the indicator will be completely wronr in it indication of position

What would cause your 94 silverado not to automatically shift out of first gear?

It was the speed sensor. and it could also be the DRAC. Which is a speed sensor buffer that is located behind the dash to the left of the glove box. It is a white box.

What is wrong with your 1995 silverado that surges in high gear?

That would more then likely be the EGR VALVE

How do you repair the automatic transmission selector cable?

you need to buy a new one. it must be the correct legnth with no play or you will have transmission out of sync with gear indicator or worse pop out of park by itself.sorry i just reread question.not sure if you are asking about actual shifter cable or gear indicator on dash or console

Stock gear ratio in a 2003 Chevy silverado 1500 rear end?

i believe it would be 3.11

What does the power indicator light on the dash of a 2001 vitara mean?

Left to the Shift Stick is a general power switch for all gears across the transmission. Operates the Power indicator light on the dash as well. It allows the car to rev out a little longer between gear changes. For added pick up.

How do I fix the gear indicator lights on my 99 Chevy Silverado?

On your truck, you will have to replace the cluster in the dash. You will need to take it to your local dealership to have them order it. I would let the dealership install it, because the new cluster will have to be programmed. I hate to send you to a dealership because they cost an arm and a leg but that is about the only option you have. You might be able to find an aftermarket cluster, but it might not work correctly. I hope this helpful.

Gear ratio in a 2002 silverado 2500?

The Gear Ratio of the Chevrolet Silverado 2002 is estimated to be about 4. 10. The newer versions have a 3. 70 ratio.

What does letter M mean in Chevy pick up for gear indicator?

There is no m on the indicator

What gear ratio is in a stock 1996 silverado 1500?

i have a 92 silverado 1500. put 410 gear in and took out stock 308 gear. yours is probaly the same if you have 350 engine and 700 trans.

How do you remove factory stereo from 2004 Chevy silverado truck?

put the parking brake in, then put the truck in 1st gear pop the dash cover off and then remove bolts from stereo.

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