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Why would the hazard warning lights not work but the left and right turn signals do?


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Before you replace the hazard flasher switch, try the WD-40 fix. Spray WD-40 around the switch and pop it up and down a few time and wiggle it around a bit. This will fix this type of problem most of the time.

AnswerThe Hazard system is a separate circuit from the turn signals even though they use the same bulbs. I would replace the hazard flasher which should be located in the fuse box. I hope this helps you.

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If the bulbs are working then you just need to change te fuse.

The flasher for the turn signals is located near the fuse box under the dash in a 1995 Chevy 1500. The flasher for the hazard lights is right next to it.

I am having the same trouble. My brake lights work with the light switch for nighttime driving, but only far right brake light works when i pres brake pedal. Reverse lights dont work at all. Turn signals and hazard light work.

The flasher device for the hazard lights and turn signals is located to the right of the driver's right knee. Remove the bolster panel at the left of the center console. The flasher is normally a black box about 1"x2".

There are separate flasher relays for the hazard lights and turn signals. The flasher relay may be out on your blinkers. The relay for the hazards is behing the fuse box. The relay for the blinkers is behind the lower dash panel to the right of the steering column.

According to my Chilton repair manual the relays for turn signals and hazard lights are under the dash to the right of the steering column.

There are three types of traffic lights viz., red ,yellow,green. While red signals dead stop,the yellow signals slow movement and green signals free movement.The traffic signals are shown by green arrows,depicting movement of traffic like,right hand,left hand or straight forward.

under the fuse box inside to the right of the driver. Black on on the left. the right one is the hazard lights relay.

The warning light that is right above the engine warning signal it looks half round with a wavy bottom and a exclamation point in the middle; what does it mean?

its red and its right in the center where all the other lights comeon

Some vehicles has a flasher relay for the turn signals and another one for the hazard lights. Are you sure you replaced the correct one?

you will find a switch on the panel to the right of the heating controls (near the hazard switch)

By the top air vents ( right in between). It's a large red triangle!

funny you should ask... this just happend to me, two days ago [!] on my 1995 Chevy lumina. i read the owner's manual, and found that the turn signals will not work, as long as the hazard lights are engaged. well, needless to say, not only had i *not* engaged the hazard lights, but as it turns out, i *couldn't* engage them! there is a plastic sheath/button that fits over the actuating rod. it's the rod which really engages the hazard flasher switch, down, inside the steering column. this sheath/button is the piece that sticks out the top of the steering column, with the little, concentric, double-triangles on it. you're supposed to push it down to engage the hazard lights, and then push it again to disengage them. when i tried to turn the hazards on, they wouldn't stay on; if i let the "button" go, they went back out; if i held it down, they would flash. i lifted up on the sheath/button, and it came right out of the steering column. i put the sheath/button back in, pushed it down, and again the hazard lights would flash as long as i was holding it down, but it wouldn't *stay* down. upon closer examination, i saw that part of the bottom of this sheath/button was broken off. my mechanic found that the broken piece was still down in the column, wedging the hazard actuator rod in and "almost-on" position, thereby disabling the turn signals. he pressed the actuating rod quickly, a few times, and finally the offending, broken bit popped out. he told me that as long as i don't use the hazard lights, I'll be all set. because that acutator doesn't seat itself vertically, without the broken sheath, if i need the hazard lights and push the actuator rod [even without the sheath/button on it] i could knock the rod out of kilter, and my turn signals will be out of commission, again. guess what? i can live without my hazard lights. good luck, r j p.s. or it could just be a fuse. ;) ^^^^ THANK YOU! THANK YOU! YOU FIXED MY PROBLEM AS WELL! My turn signals all of the sudden went on me today. the hazards still worked but the turn signal did not. I was worried because my dad had a probelm with his car in which his tailights would not come on when he switched his lights on, and it cost him a couple hundred to fix! His light switch was busted in the steering column. However i read this page pulled out the hazard light switch above the steering wheel and sure enough, THERE WAS A LITTLE BROKEN PIECE OF THE HAZARD LIGHT SWITCH STUCK INSIDE! I used needle-nose pliers to remove it and turn signals work FINE! Thanks Again R.J.

Look right above the steering wheel, between the wheen and the spedometor. That button turns on the Hazard lights.

You have a short, you also may have to check your bulbs i found on one of my blinkers the bulb was faulty, i replaced it and everything was all fine again.

they mean something is not right with the vehicle check your owners manual for details

put the indicator lights on (either left or right) and turn the hazard lights on and off repeatedly they should both work now if the problem was not fuse related

Dashboard lights are warning that somethings are not Right with the car .It does not tells how good or how bad things are. i DROVE MY TOYOTA truck forever with a warning light but i find out what the problem was first oil brake indicator failed so i just kept it full all the time.

Do you mean where's the switch? It's right on top of the steering column. You might be missing yours.

check the fuses....and for should be able to find a shop manual at the local library with the right information on this -- make copies of the pages, as they are usually for REFERENCE only...:)

The first thought is the turn - hazard switch in the steering column. But starting from the beginning, you need to verify the turn fuse is good. This should be a yellow 20 amp , also check the stop/hazard fuse. Again this is a yellow 20 amp. Next you need to check for 12 volts at the orange wire of the hazard flasher plug. This needs to be 12 volts at all times. Next turn the key on, and check for 12 volts at the pink wire of the turn flasher plug. Also do the brake lights work? The brake lights run off of the hazard fuse also. If the brake lights work, try the lights with the key on and the turn signal switched left and right. If the brake lights work but go out when you turn the switch left or right and you verified all the above you need a new signal switch in the column. I hope this is helpful

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