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Hey Paul==a bad connection will causi it to smoke or something drawing excessive curent but it should blow a fuse before it smokes. I would think it is a bad connection in the switch itself, NOT an alternator. GoodluckJoe

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โˆ™ 2004-07-02 11:36:46
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Q: Why would the ignition switch be smoking on an Astra Diesel?
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How do you start a 2010 Vauxhall astra?

Get in car. Put key in ignition switch. Turn key.

Why is no fuel getting to the engine of a vauxhall astra diesel?

fuel fillter may be blocked fuel relay switch

How do start your common rail Astra diesel?

1) Put key in ignition 2) Turn key Good things come to those who wait :-)

What does cdti mean in a astra?

common rail diesel turbo injection

What size battery for 1.7 envoy astra diesel van?


Where is the thermostat on vauxhall astra estate 1.7 turbo diesel?

where is the thermostat

Does MY Astra have a clutch switch for cruise control?


Where is the reservoir for screen wash on a 2004 astra estate diesel?

Where is the screen wash reservoir for a vauxhall astra estate 2006 model?

Vauxhall astra vxr CD player wont turn off automatically when ignition is off?

Run the RED wire to a circuit controlled by the ignition switch. Only the yellow wire should run off the battery, or an "always hot" circuit.

How do you reset engine management lights on astra?

Press and hold the mileage reset button turn the ignition on wait for 4 dashes to appear, switch ignition off job done ! this will not work. this only resets your service light and not the engine managent light.

Does a vauxhall astra mk4 2.0 diesel sxi have a cam belt?

The 2litre diesel used up to 2004 has a cam chain

What could a Temperamental electrical starting fault on a 1997 vauxhall astra turbo diesel be that is not the diesel cut off switch?

its a 1.7 this fault is not the diesel cut off switch and it turns over fine, it will somtimes start ok but if i turn it off and try to restart it straight away it wont! could it be a factory fitted immobilizer or a key chip or chip reader? The van is also very underpowered.

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