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If you run the car in cold weather, the fuel mixture is richened to warm engine, excess fuel not burned can get into the oil. Also, if you have a car that starts hard-long cranking or has a misfire; the excess gas that is not burned will get into your oil.

AnswerYour engine has been severely flooded or, if your car has a carburetor, the float needle seat is shot. Whenever your oil smells like gasoline it's very bad for your engine. Change the oil ASAP. Answeryour engine maybe tired. you have what is called blow-by. your piston rings are not sealing on the cylinder wall. If you watch you may be using oil also. AnswerI would add the following thoughts for consideration.

Many things can cause this, some are, from a short driving cycle that doesn't allow the engine to fully warm up, to a faulty fuel pressure regulator, to leaking fuel injector/s or a carburetor float bowl being overfilled, to worn engine parts, like piston rings, valve guides, faulty spark plugs resulting in poor fuel burn ect, ect.

Basically it's gasoline getting from the top of the engine, into the bottom of the engine, where the oil sump is.

Gasoline in the oil isn't good for it, or the engine, as it dilutes the oil & robs it of it's lubricating properties, resulting in accelerated engine wear & bad engine deposits.

Best to change the oil & filter right away, review all the listed ideas & have the most likely checked out by a pro you trust.

If your cars mechanical condition is ok, but your driving cycle is short, after changing the oil & filter, try changing your driving cycle, or by taking your car on a weekly 20 mile interstate round trip, to warm the engine & oil up competely, to evaporate condensation & any gasoline that's found it's way into the crankcase oil sump.

Your ride will love you for it & the gas oder in the oil, will likely take a hike!!!!

your car is not good mechanically or u would not be getting fuel in oil. take it to a REPUTABLE mechanic and get it looked at .problem may be small and easy to fix. the longer you wait the worse it will get


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Only one reason. Gasoline is mixed with the oil.

The only thing that will cause this is gasoline is mixing with the oil. Have to looked at by a professional immediately. This will cause severe engine wear if ignored.

Gasoline contains benzene,C6H6, which naturally forms in crude oil, and is furthur refined in gasoline used by our cars. It has a characteristic sweet smell. It is also a known carcinogen.

It will thin it, but you shouldn't use it. Whatever you paint with it will smell of gasoline.

well it would actuly smell like regular oil but in the water

your either burning oil in the combustion chamber..or you have a crack somewhere in the block allowing oil and gasoline to combine

use another oil based product such as baby oil and the smell should come out.

No, oil is oil and gasoline is gasoline, although gasoline is refined from crude oil.

Not knowing what vehicle and engine you have you may have a faulty fuel pump leaking gasoline into the engine crankcase.

If you locked your wheels and slid, you burnt your tires and that will smell like burnt oil, since they ARE petroleum products.

Knowing what year, make and model you have would help but, excess gasoline is getting into the engine oil, could be from a faulty fuel injector, fuel pressure regulator or in the older vehicles, a flooding carburetor or faulty fuel pump.

A person can tell the difference between diesel and petrol by the smell. Diesel is going to smell more like oil. Gasoline smells more like vinegar.

when changing the oil sometimes oil can be spilled on the engine block. as your engine heats up it causes this smell. it is completely normal

gas smell in oil is caused by blow by raw fuel pasing the rings on the piston therefore getting in the oil...........bad rings Now, now... That's not very fair. Just because there's a gasoline smell in the oil doesn't mean you should go tearing your engine apart to get to the rings. Generally this problem is caused by a vehicle running way too rich (is it misfiring?) or is a problem in the fuel pump area. Don't force a rebuild just because you smell gas in the oil.

Gasoline is a refined oil, made from oil.

It would be blue if it's got 2 cycle oil in it like for a weed eater or chainsaw

Canola oil as a gorgeous smell! To me it smells like saliva and really turns me on big time with the ladies! ;)

roller coasters smell like oil and metal or wood or what they are made out of.

You may have a oil leak, and oil us leaking onto the hot motor making that smell

Coolant or gasoline mixed with the oil. The oil light will only come on when the pressure drops. Drain the oil and see if it contains coolant or gasoline. You can smell the gas in the oil. Water will settle to the bottom.

You have either put too much oil into the engine or you may have a leak in your cylinder head gasket which is allowing coolant water into the oil - (if this is happening then you will see the water levels going down and perhaps a salad cream colored deposit collecting where you fill the engine with oil. Three conditions why the oil stick would read too full: (1) too much oil was added; (2) gasoline is getting into the oil; (3) water is getting into the oil. When you check the oil level, smell the oil for a gasoline smell or look for water beads on the dipstick and check the color of the oil. If it is chocolate-colored, there is water in the oil. In either case of gasoline or water in the oil, some repairs will have to be made. If it is just a case of too much oil, you need to drain some out.

Oil (Crude Oil)Like Diesel and Gasoline

Gasoline is processed from crude oil. It is not oil but it is from oil. Diesel is a type of oil and it is also made from crude.

Check for oil leaks on the Camry. Especially look for oil on the exhaust, as the smell can come into the car.

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