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It probably is something in the emissions. O2 sensor what year and make

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Q: Why would the service engine light keep coming on even after you have had plugs wires fuel filter cam sensor and coilpack replaced?
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Service engine light keeps coming on code reads evap vacuum on a 2005 Chevy trail blazer?

If the service engine light keeps coming on and the code reads?æevap?æ?ævacuum that means the part needs to be replaced. A auto shop can help take care of the repairs.

Service engine light in a discovery?

i have replaced the plugs and wires and my service engine light comes again in 2004 land rover discovery

Why does the engine light keep coming on for the crankshaft sensor when it was replaced?

Faulty sensor get it replaced if not check to make sure wire isn't shorting out

Is there a possibility that the service engine light turns on in a 2003 Mini because the headlights are out - if so will the service engine light turn off automatically when they are replaced?

The head lights have nothing to do with the check engine light.

Knock sensor location for Chevrolet Monte Carlo 3.1 1997?

Back of the engine block, underneath the coilpack.

Whats the difference between service engine soon and check engine light?

Service soon reminds that the next periodic service is coming due. The engine light indicates that the engine management system has detected a fault which effects efficiency/safety and should be investigated

What will indicate motor should be replaced?

Oil consumption, excessive engine noise, smoke coming from the tail pipe.

Where is number one cylinder located on coilpack of 1991 buick 3800 engine?

it is the first one in line at the front of car

How do you fix a cracked engine on a 1997 Chevy Malibu?

If your referring to the engine block, the motor has to be replaced. If your refering to a cracked head, the head has to be replaced. Contact a service technician you can trust. a cracked block cannot be repaired. The only option is to replace the engine.

What is the noise coming from the engine of my 2005 element after it was drove in some deep water the check engine light came on now we have a noise in the engine we replaced the serpentine belt?

you have a stuck valve

Do you have to flash the computer after you replaced the engine?

= "Do you have to flash the computer after you replaced the engine?" =

Why would a 1994 Chevy Cavalier have a growling sound coming from the engine whenever the engine is running?

It turned out to be the alternator going bad. Replaced alternator. No more growling.

Nissan Sentra Service Engine Soon Light?

There could be several reasons why a Nissan Sentra service engine light is coming on. The car may need an oil change, tune up, or there could be a major engine problem.

Why would a 1989 Pontiac Bonneville continue to cut off at stops if the check engine light is on but you have replaced the starter battery coilpack spark plugs and wires?


How far can you drive your car after the service engine soon light comes on?

That depends on the reason why it's coming on.

How many mile on a 2008 Honda Accord with 3.5 engine for timing belt service?

Must be replaced every 105,000 miles.

Why is coolant leaking from the engine on a 1994 Chrysler new yorker?

It could be a head gasket that needs replaced or a freeze plug needs replaced depending where the leak is coming from. It could also be a radiator hose.

2002 ford focus gas light keeps coming on have replaced gas cap need to know other possible causes for gas light and service engine to keep coming on have checked hoses and replaced fuel filter?

Hummm.... Tough one. I would carry it by one of the parts store that will read the code for free. Autozone is one. If you have the code, you can find out whats going on. Wish I could tell you more.

Where is the number 1 cylinder located on the 1998 Buick 3800 engine and coilpack?

the frst one on the cfirst coil pack and then the closest one to the front of the engine an by front i mean where the crank shaft pully is

My check engine restricted performance light comes on interminently is there a concern?

Yes, the check engine light is coming on for a reason. You need to take your vehicle into a service center.

Just had a gasket replaced in my engine and all of a sudden white smoke is coming from my engine and I am loosing engine coolant no burning smell though what could it be?

Sounds like head gasket is leaking allowing coolant into combustion chamber

Why does service soon lights keep coming on Lincoln navigator?

Auto Zone will read your engine lights codes for FREE.

How can you stop black soot from coming out of your exhaust?

engine tune just a major service then maybe a new exhaust system

2001 ford explorer with a check engine and check fuel cap light that keeps coming on you replaced the cappurge selenoid and both charco canisters What else coould it be?

The gas cap is loose and needs to be replaced.

What plane replaced the Boeing 707?

The 4 engine Boeing 707 was replaced by the 2 engine 757.